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Building a Female Focused Business


An Interview with Kathy Thomas

This week I sat down with Kathy Thomas of Kathy Thomas Photography and Collective 615.

I have to admit…Kathy and I do run in similar circles in our area and we have worked together a few times but we’ve never really gotten to know each other personally so I was super excited to get to spend some dedicated time asking her about her story, how she got into the wedding industry and how she took the leap from her corporate job to starting her own photography business.

The reason Kathy’s story intrigued me so much and I knew I had to have her on the podcast is because not only is she a fabulous, luxury photographer but she is the owner/creator of Collective 615….a female only co-working space in the heart of Music City!

I’ve been watching her social media and have asked her a few times via private DMs about this project and I have just been enamored with the concept since it’s inception. Why female only? Why a co-working space at all?? Isn’t the market already so saturated with big box co-working spaces??

In this episode Kathy tells it all! How Collective got its name, their concept and why they’re different from what’s currently on the market, how she knew there was a hole in the market for this type of workspace and how a trusted advisor told her not to do it!

This is a fun episode and I’m excited for you to hear it all!!



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  1. Baila says:

    This episode gave a lot of great info. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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