This is What Leadership Looks Like |

This is What Leadership Looks Like

An Interview with Mark Leggett, Owner of Arthur’s Catering

My guest this week is Mark Leggett, Owner of Arthur’s Catering, a full service catering company in Orlando, FL.

In this episode, Mark holds nothing back! He talks about the first few years of starting Arthur’s and how at one point he didn’t think he could continue as he and his business partner were wearing ALL THE HATS and they were exhausted! Some sound advice from a mentor lead them to hire their first employee and changed their business!

Mark also shares about how they have grown their team and how they focus on celebrating their employees making them feel empowered and appreciated. And we all know that how we serve our employees is how they will serve our guests!

I knew Mark had to be a guest on the podcast in season 1 because he is such an example of leadership in our industry. Some of his team has been with him for 29 years!!!! I have never heard of such longevity! Especially in our current world!

I’m so excited for you to hear the story behind building this iconic brand. If you have a team, hope to have a team one day or are on a team this episode will inspire you to level up!

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