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Outsourcing This ONE Thing Will Transform Your Business!

An Interview with Dalia Cantor, Owner of CPA Solutions

Dalia Cantor is the creator and leader of CPA Solutions, an accounting firm serving service based businesses in Central Florida. She has been practicing as an accountant, business consultant and tax advisor for over 20 years!

In this episode, Dalia and I discuss her start up story. How she got into the world of numbers and tax grids, when she decided to go out on her own and how she built her firm from just an idea to the success it is today!

Dalia also tells us about the importance of serving a niche market. Her niche is specifically small, service based businesses. She knows how hard it is to build a thriving small business and her heart is with us entrepreneurs. Her clientele appreciate that she can focus on tools and strategy that will serve them well and help them and their business to succeed. Dalia stresses the importance of serving a niche so that your clientele doesn’t get too broad and your message gets lost in the noise.

Dalia shares how a great accountant can really become a strategic success partner for a small business owner. We discuss the role your accountant should play in your business for you to experience the growth we all so desire! It’s really so much more than just taxes!!

Do you have an accountant on your team? Thinking of taking the leap?? Or are you completely new to this whole world of what your accountant can do for you??

This episode will clear it all up and even spark some excitement about all of those numbers that seem to swirl around on screen!

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