It’s Not Who YOU Know. It’s Who THEY Know. |

It’s Not Who YOU Know. It’s Who THEY Know.

It's Not Who YOU Know. It's Who THEY Know.

Vincent Dreffs has over 30 years of experience serving in the food and beverage industry working with high-end venues like Gaylord Entertainment. After leaving a corporate position – Vincent Dreffs decided to venture off and build his own business.

And after an almost perfect 360 audit of his new venture? Nothing but crickets. No business coming and nowhere to turn. Or so he thought.

By strategically tapping into his network (and building some new ones along the way) Vincent was able to build the several successful businesses he has today – and he is sharing them with our She Who Dares Podcast Community (which some of them might surprise you!)

Here are a few nuggets you’ll definitely want to catch in this episode:

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