How to Know Your Financials When You’re Not a Numbers Person |

How to Know Your Financials When You’re Not a Numbers Person

How to know your financials when you're not a numbers person

Awkward question: how are your finances?

I don’t mean to get personal here….But do you know if your business is actually making money?

If you don’t – first of all IT’S OK.  (Because full disclosure I haaaate finances and for a while I didn’t.)

But second – Today’s podcast episode with my personal accountant is a MUST.

Danielle Hayden’s team at Kickstart Accounting has honestly been a godsend. They love supporting entrepreneurs like you to make the finance process less scary.

And side note – You’ll need more than a CPA to handle taxes every year if you want to hit big time revenue goals. Just saying.

We cover why you need more than a CPA, how to pay yourself, and how to track key metrics moving the needle in your business.

So when I say you’ll want to grab a pen and paper I seriously mean it. This episode’s a juicy one!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

06:06 If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business
09:29 Danielle’s business – Kickstart Accounting
12:08 How Brandee heard of Danielle’s company
14:27 Difference between a CPA and Bookkeeper
21:15 Your bookkeeping if for you to run your business, not just taxes
22:37 The numbers entrepreneurs should know
27:30 Only taking owner’s draws??
38:18 What gets measured gets managed
39:30 Important KPIs
48:57 Kickstart Startup Service

Check out Danielle Hayden’s Weekly Cash Dashboard to track KPIs in your business each week. 

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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