Hey Wedding Pro!

You’re Building A Business, But Are You Paying Yourself Enough?

Or at all??

Picture this biz future…

You’ve stepped into your role as a wedding pro CEO.

Your first-class team is running your events and you show up exactly how you want.

You run your company from anywhere on earth that has wifi.

And you’re paying yourself more than a living wage.

Sounds pretty great, right? 

But where do you start?

How do you get THERE from the hustling wedding pro who is overworked and underpaid?

You need a CLEAR ROADMAP that strategically charts the way, step by step, from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.

And I’ve got just the thing! 

Kind words from real clients

I was feeling super stressed about my finances before (this course), & not knowing how I could ever make enough money to pay myself or do anything I'd like to do for my business (like get an office or hire a coach). After your course, I felt like all of that weight was lifted from my shoulders. I not only have a clear idea of what I need to do to reach my financial goal, but I also feel a lot more confident about raising my prices! I was so worried about sending out my 2022 pricing to couples until after your workshop. And your point system is AMAZING!! It makes things so much easier to calculate and visualize compared to having a goal for each package I should sell for the year. Thank you so much for offering this course and for making it affordable! I'll definitely be looking out for any future courses you have to offer!

- Noha Tarabain, Roselite Events

I have been in the wedding industry for over 4 years and found Brandee's workshop so helpful and eye opening. I knew my business expenses but never saw it from the perspective of how it relates to what I charge for my services. I have already started implementing Brandee's advice and cannot wait to see how this helps my business to grow in a profitable way. Thank you so much Brandee for being a light of knowledge in this industry and helping other planners and event professionals know their potential and how to better utilize it!

- Andi Schilawski, Musa Weddings

It was very eye opening to see that I am paying my staff more than myself & I own the business! Brandee was so helpful and went at a pace everyone could keep up with, she answered questions and it was so helpful to hear how others in the training were doing it as well. As a business owner myself I have been very lucky that I don't necessarily have to pay super close attention to the money in versus out every month but shame on me!! I should know exactly what is being spent and in what areas and this workshop was so helpful in dialing that in. I can't wait to learn more from Brandee and having someone previously in my shoes grow and scale so much is motivating to keep going!

- Cindy McIntyre, CM Promotions

  • Know your expenses
  • Set attainable sales goals
  • Accurately project your sales
  • AND ensure your packages are actually profitable

My 6 Figure Roadmap For Wedding Pros!


Finally, a detailed plan that will help you:

So you can build your 6-figure runway to wedding pro success!

So you can stop taking on more than you can handle just to make ends meet. 

And so you can stop running through the mental gymnastics to try and “make it work” on your own.

This shows you the way...
No more guesswork, struggling to figure out if there’s enough money to pay yourself.
No more wasted time trying to figure out how many events you need to book.

Hi! I’m Brandee Gaar.

Wedding pro, I made this for you! 

I know the struggle of growing your wedding business.
And as a busy mom of three, I also knew that I couldn’t waste time on the busy work STUFF that doesn’t move the needle toward my goals.
Because when I did, guess what suffered?
My family. My bank account. My LIFE.
Friend, I don’t love that journey for you.

20+ year wedding and events industry veteran, multi 6-figure business owner, and wedding pro mentor.

This 6-figure road map is the same path I took to grow my own business and it’s the same launch pad that my clients use. 

"The 6-Figure Roadmap is so insightful! I always wondered how much money I needed to keep my business running every month and we were able to factor this number within an hour. I also realized where I need to make changes to reach my own income goal. I love that no matter what pay for yourself is factored in. Brandee's budget system was so helpful!"

Like Bianca…

"Since completing the course, not only do I feel more educated about creating a budget, I feel empowered to do so! To see my TRUE numbers, and what it really costs to operate my business… I now feel confident that I need to restructure my package pricing. I was given the exact building blocks I needed to create a strong financial foundation. The information was given in such a crystal clear presentation format. I HIGHLY recommend this course for any small business owner!"

And Sharon...

The reality is, when you have a crystal clear understanding of your numbers and your plan, you can FINALLY laser focus on exactly HOW you’re going to get there.

You’re empowered to take intentional steps that propel your business to the next level. 

Know your expenses
Set attainable sales goals
Accurately project your sales
AND ensure your packages are actually profitable

Grab your copy of my proven self-paced 6-Figure Roadmap For Wedding Pros! Finally have actionable steps laid out so you can…

Kind words from real clients

It was so eye-opening in helping us understand our budget, our financial goals and how we can incorporate paying ourselves into an actionable plan. I've been in business for many years and never took the time to create a budget or financial plan and now I feel amazing that we have both! I am excited to be able to measure our growth and be a more proactive business owner with my financials.

- Jessica Gelder, Shine Events

I decided to take Brandee's 6-Figure Plan Course because I was feeling WAYYYYY overwhelmed with my business finances. It struck a chord with me when she talked about doing her next year's budget in August - so smart to get it done and decided so that you can meet sales goals easier and have savings goals for extras! I want to do a business retreat or Wedding MBA in 2022 and this will help me get organized and set up for success. She made it fun and easy with her spreadsheets, and I think I am almost set up for 2022! Yay!

- Ann-Marie Leveille, Leveille Creative Co

The Create Your 6-Figure Plan Workshop was exactly what I needed. Owning a business as a solopreneur can be hard and lonely at times, you don’t always know if you’re doing the right things and doing them at the right time. The financial side of a owning a company was something I was not comfortable with tackling; I was worried I would somehow mess it up if I even started it, so having Brandee’s class and guidance was HUGE for me. She’s a business coach I trust and admire greatly and loved that she was the one offering something so delicate and important to the health of my business.

- Amanda Lampuri, Jane Rose Events

As a special bonus, I’m also giving away these value-packed resources:

  • Profitable Services Template (MAXIMIZE profits)
  • Expense Spreadsheet (Track your money)
  • Package Resource Spreadsheet (Keep it all together)
  • Course Workbook (Stay accountable and organized)
  • 6 Figure Proposal Template (Look like the pro you are!)

Remember that biz future you envisioned?

Don’t waste another week, month, or year hoping your goals hit you in the face.

They won’t. 

This is the first step, wedding pro. 

You can DO this. This makes it easier.