Setting Boundaries As A People Pleaser |

Setting Boundaries As A People Pleaser

Setting Boundaries as a People Pleaser

Finishing 2020 feels like we’re finally getting off a crazy roller coaster.

As I sat down to record this episode, I realized there were so many hard things about this year. But there were also so many amazing blessings that came from it.

If somebody asked me to describe 2020 – I would say it was a year I’ll never forget.

During this episode – I’m sharing three reasons why this year was a blessing in disguise. Not only for me, but also for our company, for our clients for our vendor partners.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

04:27 Megan’s origin story
11:44 questions to ask when buying someone’s business
14:45 benefits of boundaries
21:24 an entrepreneur’s shortcut
26:17 lost moments
37:02 clients value boundaries
44:26 Megan’s tips with business boundaries
48:21 “scope creep”
51:43 carve out time for the crazy
57:25 find Megan Gillikin online

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Setting Boundaries as a People Pleaser

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