VAs and OBMs and Integrators, oh my! |

VAs and OBMs and Integrators, oh my!

VAs and OBMs and Integrators, oh my!

Tamara Munoz is an integrator queen from sunny Orlando, Florida who is the backbone behind my brands!

Her business operations background, alongside her powerhouse team of VAs, is what literally keeps my business running day-to-day.

Most wedding professionals hear about a VA and say “Yes, please!” but aren’t sure what level of support we can get beyond that.

Today, Tamara’s walking us through three roles that can support your business based on the level of your operations. These are roles you might not have even known existed, but once you figure out what they can do, will have you outsourcing as quickly as you can!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

02:42 Tamara Munoz Whilden is…
04:34 3 terms to remember
04:46 VA (virtual assistant)
08:19 OBM (online business manager)
16:56 Integrator
20:52 integrating with multiple teams
24:53 CEO plus Integrator = success
29:45 Integrator’s power
36:08 Finding VAs, OBMs and Integrators
40:58 where to find Tamara online

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