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Busting the Myth About Niching Down and What You Should Do Instead

Busting the Myth About Niching Down

You started your business because you love what you do. “Niche down, niche down, niche down” they say but you still find yourself doing work that you aren’t passionate about. Let me be a breath of fresh air for you; niching down isn’t as easy as the gurus make it out to be – and it isn’t supposed to be either. Niching down is a journey and not a destination. By keeping these simple practices in mind – you’ll both find your perfect niche and become a profitable go-to expert in your field.

Figure Out What You Love (and What You Don’t)

As an event planner by trade, weddings excite a special emotion that gives me a high like no other event! And I’m sure as a creative you know that exact feeling I’m talking about right? There’s nothing better than the feeling of doing what you love. To be successful, you have to nail down what you’re passionate about AND do it in a way that brings you the most joy.

For example, you may be a videographer and love creating memorable stories. But climbing up a mountain at 3am in the morning for an elopement shoot may not be your cup of tea – which is totally ok!

You shouldn’t create a business around something that doesn’t light you up. But sometimes it takes a lot of doing what you don’t love first to discover what you actually do love. The process takes time so be patient with yourself.

For a short period, try out different types of work and see if it’s something you enjoy. Going back to the videographer example, maybe you have to book some 3am mountain elopement shots to figure out it’s actually not your thing.

This trial period is crucial. Once you nail down what you love to do – then you can build your business from a place of joy instead of obligation. 

Get Really Good at One Thing

Fun fact – I came from a corporate background. But my company planned weddings for 11 years before I ever dipped my toes back into corporate. My team and I both decided we could only handle one at a time. So for 11 years I got really good at one thing – planning weddings – and I LOVED every second of it.

The majority of successful entrepreneurs you fangirl over (*ahem* Hey Jenna Kutcher how ya doing?) are incredible at one thing because they took the time to figure it out first. Once you’ve had a trial period, now we get to the fun part of actually working in your zone of genius.

Hiring a coach, investing in online education, or joining masterminds can help you transition from being passionate to being a business savvy go-to expert.

Create the Business You Want Before Stepping Into a New Role

To all my multi-passionate entrepreneurs who are wondering “Hello, what about me Brandee?” don’t worry I hear you.

If there’s two or three things you’re passionate about focus on one and put the others on a goal board. Know that you’ll get to them, but when the timing is right.

For thirteen years I really discovered who I was in the event industry. As I grew, I developed a new passion of coaching creative entrepreneurs to build their own businesses. Keep in mind – I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue coaching if I didn’t become an expert in my field first.

Thirteen years might sound like a long time but everyone’s journey is different. Maybe it will take shorter or longer for you. The important thing is focusing your efforts on one thing at a time so you can guarantee the most success in your business!

Now Let’s Start Doing What You Love!

There you have it! My go-to ways to ensure that you bust the myth about niching down and building a business that you actually love without the overwhelm. Now let’s get to it! Wondering where to begin with goal setting and staying on track? Download my Goal Setting Workbook so you can fast track your success!


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