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Leverage 9 Little Squares to Build Relationships and Grow Your Business

Leverage 9 Little Squares to Build Relationships and Grow Your Business




These are all vanity metrics we think represent success in our business.

It’s easy to look at other vendors or wedding professionals and think since they are killing it on social media – they must be killing it in business too.

The funny thing about social media is if you’re ONLY focusing on growing your social, you won’t grow your business OR your social media.

Build relationships first. THEN use social media to promote and support those relationships. You’ll be amazed at how your social media and your business will grow. And here’s how:

Stop Focusing on Vanity Metrics

If you’re a  young entrepreneur, I applaud you. Because you’re not afraid to show up on social media.

You know the impact it can make on your business.

BUT don’t measure your success by what Instagram says.

Especially for new entrepreneur’s you may be looking at other wedding pros and think “Gosh, I want to be like that.”

That’s dangerous territory, my friend.

Your goal shouldn’t be to get 10,000 followers to finally get the swipe up feature.

Your goal should be to book 15 to 20 weekends in a year.

Think about what’s happening in your company right now and ask what your measure of success is.

Instagram is very shiny and exciting for sure.

But no matter how many followers you have, if they aren’t turning into clients. It’s completely vain.

The good thing is you don’t have to focus on getting clients all on your own. That’s where the power of relationships come in.

Develop Your Inner Circle

Despite how our industry evolves one thing stays the same:

You have to build relationships.

You have to have people you trust to work with.

If you want to know where you’re gonna be in three and five years – look at who you’re hanging around.

Don’t get hung up on wanting to be on a specific venue vendor list and think that will get you the relationships you need.

Building relationships takes time.

Instead of calling a vendor and saying “Hey, I want to be on your preferred vendor list.”

Take time to meet people and take them out for coffee. Ask them how you can be of help.

Trust me, this goes so much further than any paid advertisement or cold calls.

One of the reasons why Blush is so successful is because we consider our vendors as important as the bride and the groom. We need to make sure they have everything they’ve requested so they are successful.

Also going out of your way to send referrals to them will make them much more likely to do the same.

When our vendors win, everyone wins. (Including your business).

Show That You Work as a Team

If you planned a wedding without posting it on Instagram did you even plan a wedding?

To your audience and to the world? No.

That’s why you need to build content by showcasing not only your work – but your relationships too.

Try to grab photos throughout the day of the vendor team. Put them in front of the camera so that there’s a face to what is accomplished.

Do you want to solidify yourself as an expert? Show that you work as a team. Show all the people involved in pulling off a special day.

When you do, it’s very hard for a couple NOT to write a review. One photo of the team honestly is all that it takes.

You want couples to remember the people that served them well and from the heart. So when we serve them and ask for a testimonial, there’s no reason they’re not going to give it to you.

Yes make those Instagram Reels and get thousands of views to your page! But make sure you’re showcasing everyone behind that wedding day to show it was a true team effort.

Relationships First. The Little 9 Squares Second.

As you continue to build relationships and showcase them on social media, you’re helping everyone grow. And don’t forget those relationships will make you shine on social media too. So it goes both ways. But guess what, guys, if social media goes away, that relationship will still help you build your business

I want you to kill it on reels and continue to show up on social media for your audience! But remember that the relationships you build in person will take you much farther.


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