My Most Memorable Mother’s Day EVER! |

My Most Memorable Mother’s Day EVER!

Mother's Day

Ira asked me earlier this week what my most memorable Mother’s Day was.  And I laughed and said “Most memorable or favorite??  They’re different.

So he asked me to share.

There was no thinking involved.  I will NEVER forget Mother’s Day 2012! Lilly (our littlest #gaargoyle) was 6 weeks old.  So for any of my non mom friends let me explain what this means….

  • I was sleep deprived
  • My body was still a wreck and doing crazy things that we only talk about in mom groups so as not to scare those that haven’t experienced it yet.
  • It was busy season here in Florida and I only took 4 weeks “off” so mental and physical exhaustion had set in.

We had also decided it would be super special to dedicate Lilly at our church that day which meant I had to look presentable for being on stage and all of the pics that will go in her baby book, and all of the things! Ahhhh.

We get home from church and my husband tells me we’re going to go on a picnic. Sounds low key right??

I change Lilly out of her church clothes and while she’s down to her diaper Ira starts tossing her around the living room trying to make her smile.  

*Side Note: Lilly had not yet lost her umbilical cord. I know….gross after 6 weeks. The doc had put the goo on it to make it fall off but it still hadn’t.

So as Ira tosses her in the air, all of a sudden her little belly cord pops off and goes flying across the room! And in what feels like slow motion our dog runs over and eats it right off of the floor! What the heck?? We all felt like we were going to throw up and from that day on our family refers to this as “baby jerky”.

Already so much action and it wasn’t noon!

So we leave for our picnic and arrive to this sort of random park by our house. We get all setup and somehow I realize that neither of us noticed that Hannah (2 years old) wore only a t-shirt and a hula girl grass skirt with nothing but panties under it. This darling hula skirt was likely from the dollar store and had about 10 blades of grass so it wasn’t exactly covering her My Little Ponies but I was over it and she was 2 so I left it alone.

Any guesses what happened next with a 2 year old in panties??

Yes! Potty accident. And you may think, surely they have a spare pair of undies?? They’re on their 3rd child for goodness sake! And you would be right in thinking that but alas, we did not.

So here we are with a dollar store grass skirt, wet undies and a pot bellied cutie staring at me wondering what we’re going to do. She really does have the most incredible crystal blue eyes!

We heard to the bathrooms and they’re locked. Oh my word. It was beginning to be comical (well….it wasn’t then but thinking back on it it’s pretty funny!).

So we take both girls behind a bush, teach Hannah to squat (which she found to be SO SO funny!), had Emma take off her panties and put her pants back on and put her panties on Hannah.  Hand sanitizer for everyone and send them off again to play!  They thought it was awesome!!!

Needless to say we let the girls play for a few more minutes and called it a day. The rest of the afternoon was a blur or maybe I’ve just blocked it out. Hahah! Either way, it was spent with the sweetest girls who made me a mom and my incredible hubby who tried very hard to make it special and that’s what mattered most!

PS… This is totally TMI but so real life and I KNOW there are other mommas out there that can relate!  I’d love to hear your most memorable Mother’s Day tale!


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