Making a Reel Plan

A Busy Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Making Reels


About your mentor

Hi! I'm Brandee Gaar.

I'm a wife, a mom to 3 beautiful girls we lovingly refer to as the #gaargoyles and CEO to 3 thriving brands! 

I am a luxury event planner, thought leader, educational speaker and host of the She Who Dares Podcast. 

As a lifelong lover of all things events, I spent 7 years as a corporate event planner with the Gaylord Hotels Brand before opening my own event consulting firm.  Blush by Brandee Gaar and Eleven Events by Blush have quickly become known for their over the top events and high touch standard of service.  

Making a Reel Plan

This Masterclass gives you EVERYTHING you need to:
Get started on Instagram Reels
Stay consistent
Stay inspired
Keep it fun 😉

I am passionate about teaching new and aspiring entrepreneurs my exact strategies to growing (3) 6-figure businesses.

I genuinely love seeing the unlock on a business owner's face when they see how close their goals really are!  I provide expert tools for those who are ready to make their side hustle into a full time passion.

My goal is to help new business owners beat the statistics by starting with a success minded focus and building strong bones for scale and longevity!

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