Remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now |

Remember that once you dreamed of being where you are now

Oh my word. Please please please do not skim that quote and let it pass you by. Read it , read it again, and then give yourself a minute to let it sink in.

Ira and I were having lunch with friends this weekend and these same friends also happened to be attending a wedding where Ira and I were guests as well the night before.

When we arrived to their house for lunch on Sunday they said “It’s so great that you were able to be off this weekend! Do you not have any weddings?” And I answered “well, I don’t really work weekends anymore. We have an incredible team that manages the bulk of our events.” And they were so surprised! He said “oh my gosh….that’s incredible! I mean…you guys have really made it right??”. And THAT stirred in me for the rest of the day.

When I went to bed that night I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. We made it?? Made what?? Ira and I have huge dreams and big goals and a tenacity to see what we’ve built become so much more. In our day to day as we’ve been buried in the thick of to-do lists and new programs and processes I thought, how long has it been since we’ve come up for air to see how far we’ve come??

I forget that once upon a time, I worked every. single. Saturday. (and often Fridays and Sundays too because ya know….#earlyentrepreneurlife!).

I forget that I used to work until 3am to get everything done because I had tiny babies and I was determined to do it all.

I forget that Ira used to have a job that had him leave the house every morning at 4:30am and not return until 7:30pm. I forget that he HATED that job and would DREAD Monday mornings with a passion.

I forget that I worked 42 weddings in one year on my own. The same year I had my 3rd #gaargoyle.

I forget that one Fall I had 4 weddings on my own in ONE weekend and one of them was in Tampa! (#weddingseason).

I forget that once upon a time we didn’t have the INCREDIBLE staff we have now. That each of them is not only phenomenally talented at what they do but they believe in what we’re building and believe in us and encourage us to try new things. They own their lanes so we can focus on the big picture of where we’re going.

I forget that not so long ago I DREAMED of the day that I would no longer spend every Saturday away from my girls and husband. I love what I do and consider every single wedding I’ve ever gotten to be part of a blessing (truly!) so don’t get the wrong picture. I’ve never wanted to do anything else in my whole life but the wedding vendor life can definitely fill you with FOMO on the weekends!

I forget that as much attention as we pay to where we’re going, we need to pay to where we’ve been.

I am so thankful for the reminder this weekend and want to encourage you to look back on your journey to see where you’ve been.

Share with me 1 dream you had when you started your business that has come to be reality! Let’s celebrate each other’s wins today!!

PS…I do still work a few weekends….I can’t stay away from my #friendors for too long!!


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