Hey Wedding Pro!

I See You: Staring At That Instagram Blank Page, Scrambling For Something “Authentic and Valuable” To Post Every Day. Exhausting, right?

You’re trying to show up for those engaged couples like you know you must.
With content that genuinely fits your brand and your voice.
When you don’t have TONS of weddings under your belt to show off…
All while trying to run your business.

But you know the payoff of consistent and curated content on social media is a MUST in the wedding industry. 

But coming up with killer wedding content on the fly is HARD and creatively draining. 

You need to boost your visibility and generate meaningful engagement with your ideal customer.

You know you need to make a statement, not just an appearance online to rise above the competition.

Couples, venues, vendors, and mother-in-laws want to see something AMAZING and you want it to be you!

Aaaannnd now there’s crickets on the other side of the screen. 

“Eeek! I have to post today!” *panic sets in*
That white space looks at you with a challenge. “Umm…what do I post?!” *crickets*
“I haven’t had any super recent projects to show off. I’ll just say something clever.”
*more crickets while you try to be clever, still staring at blank page*
You end up throwing something up just to “show up.”

The process usually looks something like this:

At best, this pattern results in mediocre and inconsistent messaging that doesn’t reach very far.

  • You’re NOT connecting with your ideal customer.
  • You’re NOT adequately communicating your unique value proposition (UVP).
  • You’re NOT enjoying the engagement you need.

And it ends up being a lot more work.
Repeat again the next day, or the next. And then again later in the week.

You didn’t start a wedding business to add “become a social media guru” to your list, right?

And if your team is running this for you, wouldn’t their time be far better spent on bigger picture tasks?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, wedding pro!!


That fills up your posting schedule for a whole year?

How about a DONE FOR YOU content schedule specifically curated for growing and thriving wedding pros like you?

With gorgeous and customizable templates!
And captions designed to resonate specifically with engaged couples!

  • A Year’s Worth of Weekly Blog Posts
  • A Year’s Worth of 2x Audience-Warming Reels Per Week
  • A Year’s Worth of 2x Audience-Educating Feed Posts Per Week
  • Instagram Story Ideas
  • “Read More” Worthy Captions
  • Industry Relevant Hashtags
  • Gorgeous Customizable Templates

Social 365
Content Vault!


BTW, these are not your run-of-the-mill Reels.

These Reels were specifically designed to warm an audience from chilly to cutting the check. 

Less wasted time fiddling with Insta.

And no more “I have to post today” panic.

Just automated, wedding-specific, social media genius!

I should know, I made it!

No more social media blank screens. 

No more endless guesswork. 

And these feed posts are not your average cookie cutter posts. These were created to educate and inspire your followers to enhance credibility and trust. 

I’m Brandee Gaar.

Hey there!

I know what it takes to stand out in our industry on social media. I know what your clients want to see and hear.
I also know it can suck a ton of your time. As a boss and a mom, I couldn’t afford that.
And neither can you!
I know how to make social media work FOR you, not against you!

20+ year wedding and events industry veteran, multi 6-figure business owner, wedding pro mentor, and a mom of three. 

And I have helped other wedding pros like you do the same.

“I love social 365 because it finally gave me an easy to follow social media plan. I always thought I didn’t have time to post a blog and also post a billion other things. Brandee made me realize each week’s content is all extensions of the blog. This made everything so much easier.”

Amanda Wurzer, Reno Tahoe Enchanted Events

“I absolutely adore this incredible resource. It allows me not to be as stressed out about posting on Instagram. I really love that it provides a creative framework but it still allows for you to express your own authenticity within your post. This most definitely makes planning out my week less complicated”

Samone Goodrich, Kingdom Events

"The Social 365 helps take out the guessing game in scheduling your IG."

Tyneshia Perine, Tootles Event Sitters

This is NOT your average content mill. 

So you can resonate with your ideal client while also automating the social media process.
With no more creatively paralyzing blank screens.
No endless guesswork.
And no “I have to post today” panic.

This is gorgeous and click-worthy content curated specifically for the WEDDING INDUSTRY, for YOU. 

Just Copy + Spin + Post = Enjoy!

Save Time + Energy + Money with Social 365
Content Vault for just $97!

Just one question for you…

Add your own branding spin to represent your voice.
Start being VALUED by your perfect-fit client.
Build stronger relationships.
Book more clients.

Where would your business be if you showed up authentically every week with valuable and engaging content that resonates with your ideal client––for a whole year?

Can you picture it? 

Looks pretty great, right?

Don’t miss out on a year’s worth of DONE FOR YOU, wedding pro-specific, social media content. Get your copy of Social 365 today!

I can’t wait to see you shine on Insta!

"Social 365 has been so helpful now that our team is growing. Our assistants can look through for topics, and we can take info already in our heads and translate them for social media. It has also given us so many new ideas when we feel stuck! We also highly recommend Brandee's reels course because what it taught us about batching has been a game changer!"

Allie Danae Walker, Katharine Marie Weds

"The thing I struggle with the most in my wedding planning business is social media - knowing what to post or even carving out the time to post can be so overwhelming! Brandee is incredibly personable and breaks down social media planning in a way that is digestible and actually doable. I am so grateful to have this tool at my fingertips! Social 365 has made keeping up with my social media and blogging less of a headache! I love how customizable this tool is and how it takes away the question "what am I going to post?" This is a great resource for anyone that needs some extra guidance with their social posting + planning!"

Emily Sagardia, Events by Emily