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The Power of One

Influencer.  Influencer marketing.  It’s so hot right now right??  I mean….who even has cable anymore or watches commercials?  

I kid you not, my littlest #gaargoyle Lilly calls commercials “skip ads” because the only thing she knows them as are interruptions to her shows that require her to wait 4 seconds before she can hit the little button on the bottom of the screen that says “skip ad”.  This is not a joke. The ads are doing no good for her!

The word Influencer has become synonymous with someone who has hundreds of thousands of followers and is on the same status level as some of the most famous celebrities.  In the world of marketing, having an Influencer recommend your brand can add serious credibility to your product!  

Kids and adults alike watch these people throughout the day in our social feed, in our stories, on youtube and more.  When we see our favorite influencer wearing a cute sweater she just got from XYZ brand, we click the link and purchase it on the spot!  We want to look that cute too!  

But did you know that you don’t have to have 100,000 followers to be an Influencer??  Or even 10,000?? The exact definition of an Influencer is “A person or thing that influences another”.  

Whoa.  Reality check.  While we’re scrambling to get to the top or to find meaning in the things we do each day, do we even realize that WE are influencers??  

The power of one is an eye-opening concept that if you have influence over just 1 person than you are an Influencer.  I remember hearing it for the first time while I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher.  In it, she was encouraging her listeners to not lose sight of who we’re influencing in THIS season as we’re building our brands.  Don’t think that just because you don’t have the coveted “blue check” yet that you don’t have an audience.  

So who is in your circle of influence??  Here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. For my mommas out there. 
    1. Your kiddos!  They watch and mimic EVERYTHING you do!  
    2. Your spouse!  Do they get the best of you??  Or do they get what’s leftover? 
  2. For my business owners. 
    1. Your staff if you have one.  What do they see when you’re stressed?  How are you using your influence in their lives to drive them to the next level?
    2. Your vendor partners.  How can you use your influence to make them want to go above and beyond for your clients?
    3. Your clients.  How are you using your influence to make them lifetime customers?
  3. For my humans.  
    1. The cashier at your favorite coffee shop, boutique, gas station, etc… 
    2. Your kid’s teacher, sports coach, etc…  
    3. Pretty much every single person you interact with on a daily.  You can use your influence to change someone’s day.  

Yeah Brandee, I get it.  We all have influence. But if I could just influence mass groups of people then I could really make a difference!  May I suggest the opposite?? The one on one interactions you get to make each day will have more influence in that one person’s life than any influence you ever share with a mass market!  Don’t miss the stars while you’re shooting for the moon!  

I’m dying to hear your thoughts!  Share about your circle of influence.  Who’s in it? What are you influencing them to do?  It’s all in the Power of One.


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