The World is Changing…are You Ready?? |

The World is Changing…are You Ready??

We’re officially several weeks into the COVID quarantine and here in Central Florida at least, we have several weeks to go with our Sheltering in Place order set until April 30th. It’s honestly incredible to see the whole world come to a screeching halt. Travel, school, work, shopping, eating out and more have all just….stopped. Terms like social distancing, sheltering in place, stay at home orders, distance learning and more have all become part of our normal vocabulary.

In a matter of days, the entire world had to figure out how to exist differently. Virtually if you will. Employees (that still had jobs) were sent home to work remotely. Students have embraced online portals and video chats. Meetings have been replaced by zoom calls, conferences replaced by virtual summits, grocery shopping replaced by an app, and so much more!

Our world is changing and while we’re all excited to get back to normal life, may I suggest that what we once knew as normal, will not return? Dr. Maxwell Maltz suggests that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit and friends we will be living in this alternate universe for much more than 21 days by the time this is over! We will have found new ways to do the things we once only thought could be done in person.

Our team noted this early on in the COVID shut down and quickly realized that we would need to find a new way to serve our couples where they are and in the way they need. We had to immediately pivot to meet the demands of our new virtual world so we could keep showing up for them and helping them to plan their most important day!

Enter BVP. Blush Virtual Planner is a completely new, fully online virtual wedding planner! It’s innovative and beautiful and I am SO proud of my team for pouring their heart and soul into this project!! BVP will give us an opportunity to serve more couples with the same high touch quality of service that Blush is known for!

So we like to think we’ve made some pretty tasty lemonade from the stinky lemons we all got!!

And I’m challenging you! How are you using this quarantine time?? Are you using it to move the needle forward and to pivot with the market or are you hoping that we can all go back to doing things the way we did 4 weeks ago??


PS…want to take a peek inside of BVP?? We’d love to show you around! Visit to see all the pretty details!!

PPS…$25 from every membership will be donated to the Above and Beyond Foundation to provide emergency relief grants to front line hospitality workers affected by COVID!

  1. Baila says:

    Awesome! Blush was the wedding planner for our daughters wedding and they did an amazing job.

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