Time blocking for
busy entrepreneurs

As a business owner of 2 event companies and a mom of 3 girls I have spent MANY years feeling like the list of things I need to get done far exceeds the number of hours in my days. It seemed as if for every item I crossed off of my to-do list, 3 more were added! And at the end of a long day, I often felt like I’d practically run a marathon but somehow at the same time felt like I got absolutely nothing done.  

Please tell me I’m not the only one??  

Time blocking has literally changed all of this in my life! I’ve realized that I was letting my schedule run me instead of me managing my time to be the most efficient in my days!

How to stop letting distractions steal your “power hour”

 How to block off a “triage day” each week to dedicate time to proactively plan your weeks

 How to use your most creative times of the day to 10x your productivity 

 How time blocking can help to ease anxiety and even to help you sleep better (it’s science…not just my opinion!).

 How to find the “balance” we all dream of but can never seem to get!

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