What Every Wedding Planner Should have in Their Emergency Kit

Wedding Planners are known for being able to solve every imaginable problem right??

I mean…just when I think I’ve heard it all, I get asked for something new!

But I’m kind of a control freak and I love being the go-to girl for all the challenges. Solving problems is my jam!!

Insert…my trusty emergency kit! Our Blush team always has one with us when we’re on site for an event and it’s definitely grown over the years!

Here are a few of the items we never leave the office without!!

Creme Brûlée Torch (for lighting those beloved sparklers!)
Bobby Pins
Safety Pins
Pain meds (Advil and Tylenol)
Allergy Medicine

Deodorant (spray so they don’t touch)
Buttons (black and white)
Sewing Kit (at least white and black thread and needles)
Super Glue (in single use tubes because it will never be able to be used again!)

Gorilla Glue
Glue Dots
Long Lighters
Post it Notes
Tide Pen or Shout Wipes

And so much more!

Pro Tip: Buy in bulk and fill as necessary after every event! You never want to be without something you need!

To download my full emergency kit list that my team of planners uses for our business, click here!


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