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When You Face Failure Head First, Here’s What You Do

When You Face Failure Head First, Here-s What You Do

How do you feel about failure? Do you shy away from it or dive headfirst into trying something new?

Being an entrepreneur, we have to learn to be comfortable and accept failure. It is bound to happen, no matter what we do.

Because if you’re not failing, what are you really doing? You’re definitely not challenging yourself and you aren’t learning anything either.

So if you are a woman who struggles to see failure as the means to success…here are some frameworks you can use to change your perspective:

Take Time To Feel Bad… But Have a Plan

You can fail at something. You can get upset and cry about it (don’t worry, we are women. We cry and that’s a normal thing). But then you need to come up with a plan.

Start asking yourself what you can learn from the experience? What can you change next time to make sure you approach the situation in a different way?

Take note of what you’re strong and weak at so you can have a more successful try at it the next time.

My advice on failure is that you should fail because failure is the best way to learn.

For example, in the summer of 2020, I attempted to post on TikTok for 30 days straight and I failed…miserably.

I hated the platform. I got 4 likes per video and they took me FOREVER!! And the worst part was I didn’t even know my TikTok efforts were impacting my bottom line.

Any guesses what happened next??

See Failure As An Opportunity

Instagram rolled out their newest feature…REELS!!  Literally, everything I learned on TikTok during my challenge I could apply to Reels and give it a shot! 

Do you think it worked??

Heck YES, it did!!  Here’s why:

  • I KNEW 100% that my ideal clients are on Instagram (Wedding      Wire’s latest report shows that 82% of couples research their vendors on Instagram!!).
  • I focused on Reels that were quick and easy to make so I could be consistent and then get back to running my business.
  • Reels were the only way (and still currently is) for people who don’t already follow you to see your content.  (psst…this means it GROWS your organic traffic). 
  • I never tried to go viral.  I simply make relatable videos for my ideal clients to draw them into my feed!

When you think about it, all successful business owners have failed at something to bring them to where they are.

Just because you try something new and realize it doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean that it was a failure. You still learn so much from the opportunities that aren’t right for you.

I’m one of those types of people that wants to throw the spaghetti and see if it sticks. If it doesn’t, we’ll figure out why. And then throw it again. Because I’m all about taking action to see what happens.

Learn from it, edit, do it again, or, decide to try something completely different. Failure is a great thing, as long as you use it constructively, and you use it to learn.

Focus On Action And Build As You Go

My husband and I are so different in this respect. He’s very much a processor. I’ll throw an idea at him and he’s like, “Okay, let’s really process that.” And I’m like, “No, I mean, we’re doing it tomorrow!”

I have two daughters who play volleyball, in case you don’t know. And even though I sit and watch them for hours Lord knows that you shouldn’t throw a ball at me because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Sure, I might observe a lot on the sidelines, but I have no idea how to play the game. But if I spent as much time on the sidelines as I did in the actual game, I’d be a freaking good player. And that’s not how you learn. You’ve got to get in the game.

So back to my Reels story…do you want to know how reels ended up being a huge success for our business? Our sales for Blush have increased by 30% since last Summer.  Um…what???  That is CRAZY sauce!!

Don’t Be Afraid to Use The “F” Word! (And Use Reels in Your Biz!)

You have a message. You are uniquely designed for a specific purpose. And I promise you that there’s someone that needs to hear what you have to say. I encourage you to find your fire to find your purpose. Even if you only start with baby steps, that’s better than not starting at all. Just find your purpose, find your message, and put yourself out there because the world needs what you have!

That’s why I love using Reels in my business. It allows me to show up and share my message in a fun and unique way (and bring profit to my bottom line!)

What’s holding you back from adding Reels to your marketing strategy?  Not enough time, not sure what to post, afraid you’ll make a fool out of yourself??

Well, I’ve got you, friend! I know it can be overwhelming to get started so I decided to put together 101 of my BEST ideas for wedding pros to get your creative juices flowing!! 

101 Reels Prompts specifically designed for wedding pros complete with examples for inspiration, caption ideas, pro tips, and more!

The best part is each of these prompts takes less than 5 minutes to make and requires 0 dancing!!!

So what are you waiting for??  I promise you will start to see higher engagement as soon as you post your first reel!

Ready to get started??  Grab the link and let’s go!!!    


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