It’s time to graduate – so you can elevate your wedding business. 

The Wedding Pro CEO Summit

June 3 - 6, 2024

The Wedding industry conference for wedding pros who are ready to scale

Inspired by higher education, The Wedding Pro CEO Summit 2024, is our version of the university experience – a one-of-a-kind educational conference designed specifically for wedding industry business owners. 

After 3 full days of high-impact learning and authentic inter-industry connecting, you’ll leave feeling inspired, educated, and empowered like never before.



You didn’t start your own business to work yourself to death. 

But it’s happening anyway. You’re working nights and weekends, running the hamster wheel that never stops. When it comes to your business, you know what you know really well, but it’s what you don’t know that keeps you awake at night:

  • Should I be diversifying my income? – And how do I even find the time?! 
  • Is booking new leads this hard for everyone? Where does everyone else find them? 
  • Why do I have to keep defending my prices? I’m barely making enough to break even, but so many leads act like I charge too much!
  • How can I build a team when I have to do everything myself?

Truthfully, your “to-learn” list is longer than your downtime, and you HATE how much time you spend on your phone when you would rather be relaxing with your family.

You’re overworked, overwhelmed, and (if we’re being honest) underpaid – but you’re also in the right place.


Good News...

There may be a lot that you still don’t know, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. With WPCEO, you’ll learn how to ditch the burnout and step into your role as CEO.

If 5 years down the road someone ever asks me, ‘Do you remember where you were when it all changed?’ will no doubt be here."

I spent this past week with dozens of other wedding pros from all over the country learning, listening, and taking it all in. Making some big (scary) moves. Hearing from industry experts I've looked up to for years, and soaking in all of their encouragement. So here's to late-night chats, lots of wine, making new friends, and leveling up!”

Katy Padilla
Scarlett Rose Events

Imagine how much your business will change when you return with…

the inspiration you need to find solutions on your hardest days

the education you need to make the right moves for your business

the community you need for making business friendships and accountability partners for years to come

What To Expect From Your Time At WPCEO

The draw of higher learning has always been more than what is found in a book. Here are 5 key features that make the Wedding Pro CEO Summit 2024 unlike any other wedding industry conference.

01. The High-Impact Classes

a healthy mix of keynotes + workshops in your field of study

The WPCEO 2024, or CEO University as we're theming it this year,  will focus on 4 core subjects ( or majors) crucial to building and scaling a profitable wedding business. We’ll have a mix of keynote discussions, interactive workshops, and office hours focused on these core subjects. 

When you enroll, you’ll declare a major and then get to learn from a range of experts hand-picked to take your business to the next level in that area of growth.

02. The Collaborative Study Halls

to discuss topics, share ideas, and put what you’ve learned to Hands-on learning

Often, after a conference, going back home and into the thick of it means shoving your notebook full of new ideas into a drawer and forgetting it. But we didn’t want to give you tons of tangible tips to move your business forward, just to let real life get in the way! 
With study halls added to our daily agenda, you get pre-scheduled time to gather with other attendees and speakers to implement what you are learning in real time. Now you can start putting what you learn to work before you even go home!

03. The Intentional Office Hours

with speakers and educators who have done what you’re trying to do

Our speakers and educators are all leaders who care. Checking their egos at the door, these exceptional industry leaders are honest and real. With such humble intentionality in mind, they will also be making themselves available to chat with attendees via “office hours.” 

In these short sessions, you can meet 1:1 with the experts leading the main sessions and workshops, pick their brains, and ask them your most pressing questions.

04. The Curated Swag

a little bit of happy, hand-picked for the wedding pro

In college, the university bookstore was the place to go for snacks, school essentials, and fun, comfy collegiate sweatshirts to study in. At ceoU, we’re bringing that same vibe to our swag bags. 

From snacks to books to jewelry, anything can make its way into these swag bags – but we’re not telling just yet! We like to keep the goodies a surprise. Curated specifically for the wedding business owner, these swag bags are a hit year after year.

05. The Unmatched Experience

authentically connect with a transparent community of CEOs

The late-night chats in the lobby will always be my favorite. In college, our experience is often defined by the friendships we form. The same is true with this summit.

As an intimate conference, we hold space for vulnerability. For perhaps the first time in a long time, you’ll be able to relax and be truly transparent. I promise that being around other business owners in a similar stage of business as you (or even just ahead of you) will suddenly make the CEO life seem a little less lonely.

More often than not – the people you meet become your lifelong business friends and accountability partners.


What a life-giving time. 

I think at a lot of educational and networking events, walls go up. You want to look successful, you want to hold your own, you want to be a contender in the mad rush to make connections. This was different.

We were asked to throw all of that nonsense in the trash – and we did. The summit set such a pure tone of safety. There was not a drop of judgment in this place. Friendships were formed, and you know what I freaking loved? There was no fake networking. It was replaced entirely with vulnerability and genuinely helping each other.”

Cayla Cummings
Carhart Photography

We were asked to throw all of that nonsense in the trash – and we did. The summit set such a pure tone of safety. There was not a drop of judgment in this place. Friendships were formed, and you know what I freaking loved? There was no fake networking. It was replaced entirely with vulnerability and genuinely helping each other.”

I think at a lot of educational and networking events, walls go up. You want to look successful, you want to hold your own, you want to be a contender in the mad rush to make connections. This was different.

The Wedding Pro CEO Summit 2024

A wedding industry conference specifically designed for wedding business owners. who want to elevate their brands. 

The WPCEO Summit 24, which will be held in Austin, TX from June 3-6, 2024, includes:

  • 3 full days designed to inspire, educate, and empower you like never before
  • Keynote discussions, interactive workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities to take your growth to the next level
  • An authentic and transparent community of CEOs who will build you up and keep you accountable to your goals
  • Intentional and intimate networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and beverages throughout the summit
  • Swag (who doesn't love swag??)

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The Syllabus Overview


Monday Afternoon


Monday Night


Tuesday & Wednesday


Wednesday Night


Meet the Speakers


Sara Dunn

Whitney Hodges & Daniela Justus

Tanisha Lee


Systems + tech



Michelle Taylor 




brandee gaar

Susan Southerland

Corporate Events

ceo strategy



Twah Dougherty




Erinn Bridgman

Jessica Caudill

Tirzah Caffee


Jade robinson

Team Development

Kenda Laney



I help creative business owners sustainably scale their businesses so they can create a thriving career and work-life balance. (Yes, it’s possible!)

During ceoU, I'm not going to give you some broad advice that could apply to any stage of business – advice you probably already know. Instead, we’re going to do the same thing I do for my clients:

Dig deep into your most “stuck” areas of business so we can identify actionable solutions for you – while also creating space for you to connect authentically with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs!

You’re here because you already have the skills needed for a successful business. With the right guidance and community, you'll realize how you can skyrocket your growth. I’ve seen it a thousand times before. 

I created multiple 6-figure businesses from scratch, and formed a self-sustaining medium-sized team – all while raising a family! I know it’s no walk in the park, but I also know growing a sustainable and profitable business is 100% possible for you, too. Will you join us?

Hey there, I’m Brandee Gaar.


How is The Wedding Pro CEO Summit different from other wedding industry conferences? We love this question. Here are 3 of our favorite ways…


It’s education-centered.

This event is 100% about education and community. There are no style guides, no themed parties, no elaborate events. Just a real, authentic community and a real, actionable education. Because, at the end of the day, our goal is to help YOU build a profitable business that doesn’t require your 24/7 oversight.


There’s no fake networking. 

Our goal with each summit is to set a tone of pure safety from the beginning. This is a judgment-free zone because when you don’t have to put on your “persona,” you can begin to form real, authentic friendships with others who get it. Once the need for “fake networking” is abandoned, we’ve found that it is replaced with vulnerability and genuine help from one business owner to another.


We keep it intentionally intimate.

In holding the vulnerable nature of a small group environment, you'll be assigned to an ambassador group composed of 8-10 other attendees in a similar stage of business. Led by one of the event’s speakers, your group will meet to discuss topics, share ideas, provide best practices, and more. We’ve found that by placing you in a much smaller setting, sharing can happen more freely. As a cool bonus, the people you’re grouped with often become your new business friends, supporting you and keeping you accountable to your goals long after the summit ends.

If you’ve been dying to ask…

“After attending, my only regret is not having this summit in my life from day 1 as a business owner.”

We've all attended workshops or conferences where ego stands out more than education – this isn't like that.

This is the education I have been looking for for ten years! From SEO to business finance to branding to social media strategies to serving luxury clients - every single piece of information was presented in tangible, actionable ways that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN who owns a business could not just benefit from, but THRIVE with. If you are in any phase as a wedding professional and want to level up (or just get started on the right foot) - this summit is your ESSENTIAL guide. 

THIS is the conference you've been looking for, and quite possibly the very best investment back into your business you will ever make."

Rachel Osborn
Rachel Osborn Photography

Are you ready to declare a major?

The 2024 summit focuses on 4 core subjects (majors) that are crucial in building and scaling a profitable wedding business. 

MAJOR 1 / 


Most of us didn’t become wedding pros because we have a passion for bookkeeping. Still, it’s a necessary skill that can make or break you. Classes in this area of study cover everything from keeping track of your accounts…to making sure you’re booking enough clients… to diversifying your income so you can do more than break even.

MAJOR 2 / 


Sure, maybe you used to be able to do it all on your own – but that is not sustainable. Whether you have a team in place that you would like to empower with more responsibilities or you are ready to begin building a team of employees, this subject area is about building a team that supports your business as you grow it.

MAJOR 3 / 


Your business is only as good as your marketing strategy. Find out how to reach more of your ideal couples and the best places to advertise to them. Marketing also covers how to advertise without being pushy, how to keep from annoying your IG followers, and how to stop hustling so hard for every little lead.

MAJOR 4 / 


Need to level up your sales skills? Learn the best way to reply to leads and hold discovery calls. This course of study will cover the buyer’s journey, so you can meet your couples at whatever stage they’re in and crush any sales call with the right preparation.


The LINE Hotel, Downtown Austin

For the true university experience, we scoured high and low for a “campus” rich in history and culture – one that would provide the perfect aesthetic for higher learning. We found the perfect fit in The LINE Hotel Austin.

Once home to a jazz club that broadcasted live on local radio in the late 1960s, this hotel is part of downtown Austin's history and holds a cultural legacy as unique as the city itself.

Today, you can find a little bit of everything HERE—art, food, design—even nature. It’s diverse, walkable, right in the center of downtown, and mere minutes from Austin-Bergstrom Airport making it a simple trip no matter where you're coming from!


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Our Sponsors Who Make All Of This Possible

Our sponsors are some of the top industry providers. Each one is a company that I personally do business with and trust with my own businesses.


The “Pass It On” Cancellation Policy

Due to the numerous upfront costs that come with booking such a conference, no refunds can be provided for tickets purchased. In the event of an emergency, however, your tickets can be transferred to another hopeful attendee.


Pick Your Payment Pathway 

Your Wedding Pro CEO University Summit ticket will include:
  • All sessions M-W
  • Welcome party
  • Swag bags
  • Breakfast and lunch on full-session days
  • Dinner on Wednesday 
  • Farewell breakfast on Thursday
  • Actionable education
  • Invaluable industry connections

I'm in!

1 Payment of $2500 

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Who can benefit from the summit?  

All wedding business owners! DJs, planners, florists, photographers, stationers, videographers, creative goods and more! If you own a business in the wedding industry, this event will help you to ditch the overwhelm and scale the business you've always dreamed of!

Is there a host hotel?

We have a room block with a special discounted rate at The Line Hotel, our host hotel, and we HIGHLY encourage you to stay there because it can increase the value of the event SO MUCH for you! Over the years of holding this event, we’ve learned that the majority of organic networking happens at the bars, in the hallways, and while simply hanging out in the lobby late at night. In fact, those late-night lobby talks are one of my favorite things about this event!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a guest?

Yes! While the content is highly focused on OWNING a business, we have a few CEOs that also bring their right hand employee and find it super beneficial.  

Looking to bring a guest just for fun? (Like a spouse)? We offer a social ticket as well so they can join you for meals and networking. Shoot us an email after you purchase your ticket and we can get that for you.

Still On The Fence?

I want to help you make the right decision for YOU. If you have a specific question about whether the Wedding Pro CEO University Summit is right for you or if you’d just like more information, send me an email by clicking the button below.

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