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Wedding business coach helping wedding industry entrepreneurs SCALE their business and create maximum PROFIT without burnout and overwhelm.

Hey! I’m Brandee and I’m so glad you made it. Grab your favorite drink and pull up a comfy seat!

As you've learned, being a wedding business owner isn't easy. You most likely had to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where you are today. And that was fine at the beginning because your business is your passion! You know using your skills to make your clients' lives better is what you’re meant to do.

but somewhere along the way...

You've started juggling more than you can handle

Your head constantly swims in your to-do list

You're not making the amount of money you hoped

You're letting some important balls drop — especially when it comes to spending time with your family

It’s because I’ve been in your position!

I’ve built multiple 6-figure businesses from scratch while balancing a family, so I know all too well that the process can cost you time with your family and children, your weekends, and your sanity. But I also know it’s possible to gain the financial and time freedom you’ve always dreamed about!

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Whoa, Brandee. I just sat down and you hit me with all this!

Ready for a truth bomb?

Contrary to what you believe right now, you don’t have to give up your entire life to scale your business.

Here’s another: No one said you had to figure this all out on your own.

learn how

Meet your business

Brandee Gaar.


Business coach and go-to resource for wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs

Is this your first time building a business? No problem! I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

you’re looking for realistic solutions and proven strategies that can take your business to the next level and allow you to achieve more of a work-life balance.

If you’re anything like me, you want to make the most of the 24 hours you’ve been given. That's why my courses, templates, CEO Accelerator, and 1:1 business strategy sessions provide action plans and step-by-step frameworks that don't beat around the bush. They'll help set you up for the best success, as it has for countless others.

How in the world do I know any of this? I've been in the events industry for 20 years and created three 6-figure businesses for 15 of those years, all while raising the #Gaargoyles! (What we affectionately call our 3 daughters.) So you could say I’ve learned a thing or two about building a real business — not just an expensive hobby or cute side hustle.

As a creative entrepreneur with a few years under your belt,

Business Coaching & Resources

You know you have the potential, the skills, and a can-do attitude. You just need the right support! Here’s how I can help.

Wedding Pro CEO Podcast

The podcast to help you build a profitable business you love!

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The Blog

Everything you need to know to move the needle forward in your business.

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courses & templates

Tried-and-true solutions that have helped dozens of small business owners build 6-figure companies.

ceo Accelerator

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A monthly cohort of driven and established wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

1:1 business strategy sessions

Customized one-on-one coaching for your specific business needs.

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The Most Popular Topics We'll Cover

To achieve the next level of your business, we need to map out a plan that allows you to step out of the day-to-day so you can focus on growth strategy. That includes focusing on hiring the right people for your team, designing SOPs, creating an effective onboarding process, and more.

CEO Strategy


Every business is as unique as the person running it. That's why it's a crucial part of the process to dive deep into your goals, no matter if you purchase a template or jump on a coaching call. Whether you're ready to automate tasks, outsource, or hire team members, we'll tailor the next steps you need to take to match your vision for optimal growth and scale.

Business Planning


News flash: You're not in the beginning stages of your business anymore, which means you deserve a stable paycheck. Together, we'll calculate an annual budget and create service packages that allow for larger profit margins, plus a salary for yourself! You'll walk away with a customized plan on how to achieve (and exceed) your financial goals.

profit strategy


Let’s be honest: no one buys from Amazon without checking reviews. Here are some of mine!

After my Intensive with Brandee, I gained the clarity I was seeking with my offerings.

She helped me understand how to reach and speak to my ideal client. I was able to walk away with the extra confidence I needed to move the needle forward in my business. If you are feeling stuck in your business, make the investment and enlist Brandee's guidance!

- Sophia Jones, SBJ Virtual Solutions

I am so incredibly grateful to have met Brandee. Her knowledge, guidance, and support are invaluable.

I have learned an incredible amount in the short time of knowing her and implemented a lot of the processes and practices that she recommended within my own company. She has made such a significant impact on my business for the better. It is comforting to know she is always there and willing to help.

- Tiara Gomez, Events to a T

I literally felt so overwhelmed and frustrated with where I was in my business, but after talking with Brandee for only an hour, I received so much clarity.

Not only do I have a goal I'm working towards, but Brandee was able to identify the real issue in my business that was holding me back (one that I had no idea existed!). She will tell you like it is, but in a caring and supportive way. Thank you so much, Brandee!

- Kathy Young, Rekindle Communications

Psst. Are you looking for speakers for your next event?

I have experience speaking at both live and virtual events, educating creative and wedding entrepreneurs how to step into their role as CEO. If you're looking for speakers for your next conference, workshop, event, or the next guest for your podcast, I'd love to see how we can collaborate!

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