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It’s great in a pinch, but Google is no business coach.

Becoming more visible on social media, increasing your sales, gaining higher profitability, and building your team for scaling doesn't come with a pre-made template. Your business is unique! And it needs more attention than any freebie can provide.

Let’s find out — answer these questions!

Does your business model require you to be present or involved in the execution of every event or project?

If you have a team, do you need to give them their tasks each day/week/month so they know what to be working on?

Does your business have limited financial capacity based on the number of weekends in a year or number of hours in a day?

Are you building a business or have you built a very demanding job?

If you answered YES to any of these, your business isn’t scalable. Let’s change that, shall we?

If you answered YES to any of these, your business isn’t scalable. Let’s change that, shall we?

If you answered YES to any of these, your business isn’t scalable. Let’s change that, shall we?

Kind words from real clients

"I can’t recommend Brandee enough for any strategy call or coaching program!"

As an experienced wedding planner of 10+ years, I thought I had a decent understanding of my business. However, I wasn’t exactly solid when it came to knowing my finances. As we are looking to expand our team, I decided to do a strategy session with Brandee to get clarity on where we are at and where we should go. Brandee’s strategy session was so valuable and open. I could ask her ANYTHING about her own business and she was Open to sharing. She had me break down my numbers on a custom spreadsheet and we then analyzed the health of my business. I might want to do this every couple of years. I can’t recommend Brandee enough!

- Gabrielle Pinkerton, Cause We Can Events

"A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained."

Brandee has empowered me to see the future in my business and my worth! If a person doesn’t have worth, then they can no longer feel as though a future can be obtained. Thank you so much, Brandee, for getting me to where I am and helping me become the business owner that I want to be!

- Lauren Merinar, LaurenCo Events

"First of all, if you are considering doing this, DO IT!"

My partner + I scheduled a 1:1 strategy call with Brandee to see what advice she had for us as we continue to grow and scale our business. We found the 90-minute call to be so valuable, and it gave us the opportunity to show her the inner workings of our business and receive feedback that was specifically tailored to us, our paint points, and where we are at in our journey. We walked away with actionable bite-sized pieces of advice to begin implementing immediately as well as a plan for our long term strategy. She is such a wealth of knowledge, so thank you, Brandee Gaar!

- Brittany and Katelynn, Olive Street Events

"The Create Your 6-Figure Plan Workshop was exactly what I needed."

Owning a business as a solopreneur can be hard and lonely at times. You don’t always know if you’re doing the right things and doing them at the right time. The financial side of owning a company was something I was not comfortable with tackling. I was worried I would somehow mess it up if I even started it, so having Brandee’s class and guidance was HUGE for me. She’s a business coach I trust and admire greatly and loved that she was the one offering something so delicate and important to the health of my business.

- Amanda Lampuri, Jane Rose Events

We're a perfect match for you if you are...

Running an established business in your niche

Confident in who your ideal client is and your brand messaging

Overwhelmed and overworked with tasks and looking for direction on how to eliminate the stress by outsourcing tasks

Looking for guidance from an expert who understands the growing pains of scaling a business while balancing home life

Lost on how to solve the complexities of budgeting, hiring, and online visibility

Needing an experienced coach who can create clear action plans to sustainably grow your business and achieve success quickly

Your business isn’t ready for my courses and coaching yet if you are:

• Building your brand still and not realistically ready to think about growth and scaling

• Just starting out and experimenting with who your ideal client is + what niche you fall into

• Want to figure it out on your own

• Still loving the late nights and hustle of growing a business

If your business isn't ready

For my courses and coaching yet, that’s alright! Keep listening, reading and sign up for my newsletter to receive weekly tips on growing your business. We cover topics such as social media marketing, building brand awareness, time blocking, and more! (And I’ll have a seat waiting for you once you’re ready to work with me.)

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Vibing with what you’re listening to and reading? Check out my Courses and Templates!

Reel Traffic Toolkit

This is a Reels For Dummies, if you will. The Reel Traffic Toolkit is a comprehensive video course that covers everything you need to know about creating engaging Instagram Reels, including how to shoot, edit, and caption. It also includes 150+ Reels prompts for wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs, as well as access to an audio catalog.

Become a reel pro

teach me the ways!

Followers to Sales Blueprint

If you aren't seeing your followers turn into paying clients, this resource is for you. The Followers to Sales Blueprint is a concise, step-by-step video course that walks you through how to engage your target audience on social media to sell them your services naturally, without even leaving the platform.

make me a content queen!

Social 365

Calling all creative and wedding professionals: did you know 82% of consumers will research their vendors on social media before purchasing their products or services? Social 365 is one year's worth (yes, ONE FULL YEAR!) of Instagram posts, Stories, and Reels, plus 52 blog post prompts that will help you strategically market to, attract, and then book your ideal clients. Plus, I show you how to repurpose your content onto other platforms for a complete omni-channel approach to marketing your business for success!

Time Block Your Business

ditch the overwhelm

I'm going to let you in on a little-known fact: the bane of all entrepreneurs' existence is to-do lists. They’re overwhelming to manage and never end until you sell your business/retire/hand it off. That's why I encourage all business owners to switch to time blocking. In this short and fun video course, I'll teach you how to time block your business and give you the tools you need to craft a schedule that works for you. I guarantee it will help you increase your productivity and improve your mental health!

Path to Profit Roadmap

In this in depth workshop, I’ll take you through how to create your budget for a goal-smashing year! You’ll learn how to review your packages and services to ensure they're profitable for your business, have a chance to set actionable goals to achieve (or even exceed) the proposed budget, and leave feeling confident and empowered about how to make you first or next six figures! Plus, since it’s a pre-recorded workshop, you can learn at your own pace. As a special bonus, I’ll give you my profitable services template to help you maximize your profits and minimize your expenses!

financial freedom starts now

New Bonus:A guide for batching a month of Reels in only one hour.

say sayonara to awkward selling (finally)

Wedding Pro CEO Accelerator

What would happen if you started thinking like a CEO, knew exactly which strategies to implement to move the needle forward, and ran a business that's not just fun but also profitable and self-sustaining? 

How much relief and confidence would you feel knowing your business could run without you if you needed to step away, focus on the big picture, or wanted to create an exit plan because you have a rock-solid team?

The CEO Accelerator is for you if you are an established business owner but struggling with all of these aspects of growing and scaling your business. Our monthly cohort focuses on all that goes on behind the glitz and glam of owning a business such as team building, strategic organization, budget setting, systems, and more.

what's included:

Live coaching calls where I answer your specific questions, offer solutions to your obstacles, and have community brainstorming sessions!

Expert interviews with the industry icons I interview on the She Who Dares podcast! You'll be able to ask them all your questions and get their expert feedback on various aspects of your biz.

Office hours to help you time block your calendar efficiently. Our cohort is here to encourage and keep you accountable as you grow and scale!

Exclusive Facebook community for support from like-minded professionals. Building an empire can feel lonely, but we're social beings! Collaborate, share ideas, ask questions, and cheer each other on between live calls.

Monthly themes to help you concentrate and fully absorb the topics we cover. This is the key to sustainable growth and becoming confident in your abilities as a CEO.

Networking opportunities. Connections are crucial for growth, so you'll get access to my list of preferred vendors and business pros!

And so much more...

Say no more, Brandee!

apply now!

One session
(90 minutes)

Together, we’ll tackle one aspect of your business you need the most guidance on, such as profit strategy (budget setting and salaries), business planning (outsourcing, hiring, and automation), or CEO strategy. Our goal? To give you the plan and tools you need to feel empowered to scale your business. Plus, total peace of mind that your rock-solid team has you covered while you step into this new role. You’ll also be able to replay our recorded video sessions for reference while you embark on this next chapter of your business.

omg brandee, I need you!

90-Day Coaching

If you're not paying yourself anything (or very little), you don't believe there's enough money to hire a team, you want to focus on growth but you're being dragged down by the day-to-day, and you're confused with all the rules about social media, 90-day coaching is for you. We'll focus on multiple aspects of your business such as goal setting, budget planning, team building, social media strategy, CEO mindset, and more. Plus, you'll get 90 days of access to a private Slack channel to get support from me as you implement the strategies we plan out for your biz! You'll also receive templates and swipe files to support you as needed. All of our sessions are recorded so you can replay them at any time.

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1:1 Business Strategy Sessions

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(Pay in full)

Free Resources

My podcast and blog are like high-intensity workouts for your business.

They are action-focused for growth-minded small business owners who want realistic solutions, step-by-step frameworks, and proven strategies so you can begin taking your business to the next level immediately. (We don't like beating around the bush and wasting time here.)

Blog | Podcast | Newsletter

The Wedding Pro CEO Podcast

This is the educational podcast for wedding pros who are ready to ditch the overwhelm and build a PROFITABLE business they love!!  Tune in for guest interviews from other well respected business owners who share their strategies for scaling + SHORT bit sized tips to help you become the CEO of your business!

listen now!

Read the Blog

I’ve gathered everything I learned over the past two decades into this blog. Whenever you feel stagnant in your business, this blog will be your go-to guide so you reconnect with that heck yeah! mindset. We cover everything you need to know to move the needle forward in your business, including time blocking, social media strategy, budgeting, business tools, and more.

read up!

I totally get it...

In a world full of amateurs passing as "business experts” (but no results to back it up), vague advice, and sketchy programs, it's challenging to know who to trust. My why is simple: I love efficient strategy, and I love helping! My 15+ years of experience in successful business building + proven track record means you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Kind words from real clients

"I literally felt so overwhelmed and frustrated with where I was in my business..."

...but after talking with Brandee for only an hour - I received so much clarity. Not only do I have a goal I'm working towards, but Brandee was able to identify the real issue in my business that was holding me back. (One that I had no idea existed!) She will tell you like it is - but in a caring and supportive way. Thank you so much Brandee! 

- Kathy Young, Rekindle Communications

"If you are feeling stuck in your business, make the investment and enlist Brandee's guidance."

After my Intensive with Brandee I gained the clairity I was seeking with my offerings. She helped me understand how to reach and speak to my ideal client. I was able to walk away with the extra confidence I needed to move the needle forward in my business.

- Sophia Jones, SBJ Virtual Solutions

"Please, run, don’t walk, and get yourself aligned with Brandee. I promise you won’t regret it."

Have you ever had that feeling where you are stuck. You KNOW you need to move forward, but no matter what you do, you are just not able to get there. That’s when you need to find yourself a mentor. I did, and it was the BEST business decision I have ever made. She was inspirational, driven, and provided me with such motivating, practical guidance around growing my team, bettering my sales techniques and streamlining my pricing and budget. I can happily say that I now own a six-figure planning business with several employees, and we are rocking the industry!

- Rachael Kissell, RK Weddings and Events

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