Finding your why…and a bit about mine |

Finding your why…and a bit about mine


I get these questions all the time…how did you start?  How did you prepare to leave your full time job? Do you still fear failure?  When did you decide it was time to hire a team? How do you balance it all? Leading a team, mommyhood, being a wife, being involved in ministry and growing a thriving multi-branded business.  And I LOVE these questions because I can share the honest, un-polished, real life answers that help others to know they can do it too. That while we are SO blessed to be able to do what we love every single day  and I absolutely wouldn’t change a single thing…that some days are hard! That many days I need my husband to speak encouragement to me louder than the discouraging words I’m speaking to myself. That I wonder if we are making the right moves, the right hire, setting the right goals and SO much more!  

Updated Feb. 2021: This was our first episode! Listen to how we have changed along the way! If you are reading this you are a true fan and encouragement to us! Take a screenshot and DM us to spread some kindness! Our Instagram profiles are below. Thank you for listening!



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