How They’re Making a Smaller “Mark” |

How They’re Making a Smaller “Mark”


an interview with Jacob and Courtney Towe of JacobCo Creative

Jacob and Courtney Towe are the owners of DJJacobCo or soon to be JacobCoCreative.

Jacob is a sound engineer and the idea for their DJ company came with they were attending a friends’ wedding and Jacob said he could barely stand to be in the room because the DJ’s sound was so bad. It was then that he thought…you know I can do this better. He knew he could offer a superior DJ/sound experience for couples to elevate their wedding experience and so DJJacobCo was born!

In this episode, Jacob and Courtney will share how they have evolved their brand from DJ to fully immersive sound and lighting design for events. They travel the world producing events that create a playground for the senses! And the most amazing part of all of it?? It’s 100% solar powered! They require no power for their intense setups and often very little setup/strike time which is a planner’s dream! They’ll also share how they calculate their carbon offset for each event they do to ensure the footprint they leave behind is as small as possible. Their 2 girls often travel with them and work behind the scenes to make JacobCoCreative a real family business.

Jacob and Courtney are paving a new path in our industry and I can’t wait to see where they go from here!



  1. Baila says:

    Love, love listening your podcasts each week!!!!!!!!!!

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