How to Stand Out for Success |

How to Stand Out for Success

An Interview with Susan Southerland-Misfud



In today’s episode, I’m talking with Susan Southerland-Misfud, President of Just Events group. Susan is a leader in our industry having grown her business for almost 30 years!! Her success is attributed to her love for reading, learning, and researching and of course, her drive to be the best of the best!

Susan shares how she saw a hole in the wedding planning market early on in her career which led her to create a service that didn’t exist. Now that same service is almost a way of life for our Central Florida planning industry!

Susan also shares the #1 thing every business owner needs to know to safeguard their company and keep it thriving!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

How Just Marry! was created

How Susan landed her first hotel contract

What it was like to make her first hire

The one big thing Susan hopes all business owners will learn from her journey

How she pivoted into adding corporate events to her wedding planning brand

What lies ahead for the future of Just Events Group

Her 3 biggest tips for those just starting their business journey

This episode is filled with SO many nuggets that will not only inspire you to think differently but will push you to find new ways to serve and innovate!!

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