The Girl Behind the Box Truck |

The Girl Behind the Box Truck

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SO…I know you all love a great start up story right??  
They’re some of my favorites to share on this podcast and today is such a treat!
Cyndi Shifrel, co-owner of Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals is my guest and she shares it all from meeting her husband and business partner, Darrin, to her early years of being a stay at home mom and the night Darrin woke her up to tell her about his new amazing idea for an event rental company.  She also fills us in on her initial response to him. Hahah!
I love this episode because it’s so real and is a peek behind the curtain of an incredibly successful brand.  A chance to see the growing pains and blood sweat and tears that go into building a profitable business!
Are you ready for this one??  Grab your favorite cup of Joe and settle in because this one will inspire you!

Some of the hot points you’ll want to listen for in this episode include:

  • When Cyndi and Darrin decided to be “All In”
  • Growing Pains – Cyndi shares about the trials of the start up years
  • What it’s like to be a husband and wife team
  • Making their first hire
  • Maneuvering through a global pandemic

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