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Get Some Perspective!

Have you ever taken the True Colors test??  

What about Myers Briggs??

How about the super popular Enneagram??

Our personality traits play a big role in who we are, what type of environment we thrive in, how we interact with others and our ability to self manage (or not!).  

Knowing not just your own personality but that of others in your tribe as well will help you to avoid conflict and understand how to build each other up and make each other better!

In Episode #50 of the She Who Dares Podcast, Karen Pelot of Perspectives LLC walks us through how to know your personality type and how to use it to work with others.  

It was incredibly eye opening for me as a business owner to immediately be able to know who on my team are which colors in the True Colors assessment!  

I’d love to know, what color do you think you are??

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