An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Modern Etiquette |

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Modern Etiquette

An Entrepreneur's Guide To Modern Etiquette

No joke – I’m still pinching myself from getting to chat with the one and only Myka Meier.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell she’s the founder and director of the Plaza Hotel Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette, author of the Etiquette Made Easy book series, and etiquette QUEEN in the hospitality industry.

Growing up barefoot on Siesta Key beaches – she knew a thing or two about humble beginnings.

But Myka doesn’t believe you have to be born with a spoon to your mouth to need etiquette.

Etiquette goes beyond “fancy” occasions and can be used in the professional everyday world.

We chatted through workplace soft skills, confidence building tips, and handling awkward networking situations with finesse.

You know –  the ones like forgetting someone’s name or dipping out of a conversation that’s going way too long. 

And yes she does share the story of serving gin and tonic to Prince Charles. 

No need to get formal. – join our laid back conversation, grab your drink of choice, and show up as you are!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

04:38 teaching confidence through etiquette
06:16 how Myka Meier’s career in etiquette began
08:36 pitch your idea like you already have it
09:22 confidence wins! every time
14:02 difference between confidence and self esteem
21:37 networking tips
23:52 WWHC: what, why, how, compliment
26:31 “google” the network list (and yourself)
30:09 ending a conversation at a networking event
35:57 saying thank you
37:43 what to do if you forget their name
41:13 where to find Myka Meier online
42:46 episode 58 final thoughts

Check out Myka Meier’s books Business Etiquette Made Easy & Modern Etiquette Made Easy

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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