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If you can’t Join ’em, Beat ’em!

Vincent Pugliese started his photography career as a sports journalist in New York. He met incredible sports legends like Tom Brady, Muhamid Ali, and Lebron James. 

After being passed up for a raise and with a baby on the way, Vincent had to pivot his career towards entrepreneurship to make ends meet. So he fell into the world of wedding photography.

He spent years creating a successful reputation as a wedding photographer in Evansville Indiana. In the process, he discovered his true passion: coaching wedding professionals to create successful businesses. 

He launched his first book Freelance to Freedom and shortly after created his membership Total Life Freedom. TLF is community of driven entrepreneurs who want to achieve a life of time, money and location freedom

In this episode, we talk about learning when it’s time to transition your business, what it means to create a life of freedom, and guiding the next generation do the same

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

05:02 I hate being a sales person
07:59 be consistent and authentic
10:52 Vincent’s origin story
12:52 when a raise is not what you really need
14:03 a lesson from dad, bittersweet
16:14 entering the wedding industry
18:54 turning off the wedding reception
21:11 different roles same fear
22:14 begin, grow and expertise
25:54 being both and expert and a beginner
27:14 done with weddings!
32:07 closure needed
36:00 entrepreneurial children
38:21 Youth Entrepreneur School
42:13 encouraging college
44:29 spend, save, give
45:40 scarcity or freedom mindset
47:49 story of refusing business
50:13 not in a place to refuse business?
53:03 no more vision boards!

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