Listen In On a 1:1 Coaching Call |

Listen In On a 1:1 Coaching Call

Listening In On a 1:1 Coaching Call


Katy, your typical bride-turned wedding planner, is the owner of Scarlette Rose Events and has been in the industry for 4 and a half years.

Today’s episode is special because I’m inviting you to listen to Katy’s 60-minute recorded coaching session with yours truly.

A few months ago I put out an application for this episode and once I saw Katy’s I knew she would be the perfect fit!

Once you’re no longer in hustle mode to fill your calendar, what comes next? I’m excited to share this episode with Katy because we’re chatting all about how to the steps you take after the beginning phases to take your business to the next level.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

02:28 coaching call begins
03:01 Katy Padilla
04:17 differentiate in your market
10:08 the first hire
20:02 attracting a luxury client
25:29 what creates success?
31:16 validate the client’s concerns
33:13 building your reputation
37:39 the future
46:38 know your values
50:09 wrapping up the coaching call
53:12 follow Katy’s journey online

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