You’re Leaving Money on the Table |

You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Becca Atchison, owner of Rebecca Rose Events, started by charging flat fees for her clients. She quickly switched to percentage-based pricing when she profited less than 1% from a $450,000 wedding—yikes!

Listen in to learn what percentage-based pricing is, how to implement it in your business, and how to charge what you’re worth no matter what method you use to price yourself!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show: 

03:05  Becca Atchison is…
07:57  The Business of Weddings
09:37  The Partnership
12:11  Know Thy Self
15:06  Know Thy Value
17:10  Flat Fee Pricing Lesson
21:34  The Change to Percentage-Based
24:44  “Whichever is Greater”
25:52  How They Switched to Percentage-Based
31:32  May I Take Your Order?
37:13  Pushing Their Budget Up?
42:58  Transitioning to Percentage
46:28  Gut Check
49:21  Find Becca Atchison online

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