Streamline Your Event Planning Business with Planning Pod

Streamline Your Event Planning Business with Planning Pod

Jeff Kear is the CEO and Co-founder of the #1 all-in-one event management software for event planners and venues: Planning Pod.

He’s been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and grew a passion to help event professionals and venue owners streamline their business backend.

It’s the tool that my event planning business, Blush and Eleven, uses for event management and we STRONGLY recommend you check it out for yourself!

After trying out a ton of software—and I mean a ton—there was no other tool that understood the event business as much as Planning Pod.

In today’s episode, we’re unpacking how Planning Pod came to be, and how you can use this tool to save up to 62+ hours a month in your business!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

01:52 meet Jeff Kear
03:09 birth of Planning Pod
07:13 launch of Planning Pod
09:56 how Planning Pod works
13:06 the intuition
19:20 the growing
25:06 the boot strapping
31:11 bride and groom access
33:33 Zapier integrations
37:54 the future
41:32 visit Planning Pod online

Links Mentioned:

Jeff’s Twitter Handle
The Planning Pod
Make a Reel Plan Blueprint

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