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What if I told you that there’s one thing you could implement right now in your wedding business that could increase your sales, improve your clients’ experience significantly, and boost your confidence as a wedding expert?

If you’re thinking, “Ok, Brandee. There’s no ONE thing that can possibly do that!” then you probably haven’t met Lisa Lyons of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette yet. Lisa is the Mary Poppins of wedding and events, the arbiter of exceptional style, and overall etiquette queen.

In this episode, we talk all about how etiquette ISN’T just for royals, and how it can actually make all the difference in your business in sales, networking, your customer experience, and your confidence in your own skills.

We took a deep dive into how she went from living out of her suitcase as an aspiring Broadway actor to a superstar wedding planner and business teacher. The key to her success? How the community (not competition) helped her get there.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

02:40 meet Lisa Lyons
07:04 deciding ONLY full service
11:02 navigating challenges
13:31 living and teaching etiquette
17:31 childrens and social/business etiquette
20:10 business soft skills
23:43 etiquette for sales
27:43 luxury: experience over dollar amount
29:40 children’s etiquette
33:33 mindful manners

Links Mentioned:

Lisa Lyons Events Website
Lisa Lyons’s Etiquette Programs
Contact Lisa and Jessica
Wedding Venue Map Blog
Lisa Lyons Events Instagram
1:1 Strategy Session

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