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3 Tips To Cure Social Media Overwhelm

3 Tips To Cure Social Media Overwhelm

Tell me if this is you: You’re sitting there staring at your massive to-do list full of client meetings, wedding prep tasks, vendor calls… and the list just goes on. And there, at the bottom of your to-do list (that you’ve admittedly moved further and further down) are two intimidating words: SOCIAL MEDIA.

As service-based entrepreneurs, we all know that social media is a great way to find new clients and establish our presence in the field, so why does it seem like the last thing we all want to do? I’ll tell you: it’s overwhelming.

You’re most likely wearing all the hats in your business, from being the accountant to HR manager to team lead to sales manager and everything else. So adding another role to your already overflowing plate seems like an impossible task.

Friends, it’s a good thing you landed here today because we’re going to cover how to finally cure that social media overwhelm with just three simple steps. And don’t worry, this isn’t some theory-based episode that gives you vague ideas and leaves you with more questions than you came with. No — you’ll want to get your notebook and pen out because I’ll give you actionable steps, hard statistics, and scheduling suggestions you can literally implement into your wedding business today to get the results you’ve been looking for.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

01:13 how to use SM in business
03:20 I cannnnnn help you
06:57 outsourcing SM
08:43 top 3 tips to cure SM overwhelm
09:05 tip 1 – have a strategy
15:41 tip 2 – repeat your message OFTEN
24:58 tip 3 – consistently plan ahead
29:01 planning ahead looks like…
37:16 Brandee’s Social 365

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Make A Reel Plan Method

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