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Planning To Programming

We’re officially in the new age of the wedding industry, and that’s the digital age, my friends. Thanks to Millenials and Gen Z, everything is becoming digitized and automated, and honestly, thank goodness for that! But one aspect that hasn’t seemed to catch up with the rapidly transforming industry? The constant follow-ups all wedding planners have to deal with after their clients receive invoices and contracts.

It seems like a small, pesky task until you realize just how much time you’re spending sending out reminders to your couples and vendors throughout the wedding planning process.

Well, you can say goodbye to that finally because Nora and Elizabeth Sheils said enough with all the back and forths and created an easy-to-use platform that filled this gap in the industry called Rock Paper Coin. Rock Paper Coin is a software platform that brings together couples, vendors, and wedding planners to make invoicing and contract-signing super easy and automated. (Can you hear the angel choir singing?)

But here’s the interesting part: Nora and Elizabeth weren’t always successful software developers. In fact, they started from literally ground zero.

Learn more about the birth of Rock Paper Coin, how on earth Nora and Elizabeth created software with no tech background, and how it can significantly help you and your small business in this new episode. And stick around for the end because they’re providing all She Who Dares podcast listeners with a special discount!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

02:30 meet Nora and Elizabeth Sheils
05:21 the name: Rock, Paper, Coin
06:55 planning to programming
12:12 fundraising
16:21 power of partnership
20:09 Rock, Paper, Coin is…
31:45 the future
33:32 still planning weddings?

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