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Marketing From A Different Perspective

Marketing From a Different Perspective

Marketing funnels, CRMs, advertising, analytics, and cookies. (Unfortunately, I’m not talking about chocolate chip or macadamia nut cookies.) These are the words that often make wedding and creative entrepreneurs run in the other direction like they’re trying to win the gold. But Alex Devine knew this was the world she was meant to be in by 16 years old.

I’m so excited to have Alex, marketing expert, marketing agency VP, executive coach, and self-proclaimed expert talker on the show because she’s a bit different from the guests we’ve had on the She Who Dares Podcast. So far, we’ve had so many insightful conversations with professionals who work in the wedding and creative industries, as well as experts who work closely with others in these industries. But what makes Alex so different is that she helps all types of businesses! From large to small to weddings to towing companies, she’s learned how to transform what we see as overwhelming numbers and analytics into a beautiful customer story that can help your business unlock its true potential.

Friends, let me tell you. Even though I’m an analytical person and thrive off of numbers, this 28-year-old marketing guru taught me so much during this episode. So make sure you get your notebooks and pen out because this one is full of wisdom-filled nuggets!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

Meet Alex Devine!
Marketing from a different perspective + how data tracking helps with marketing strategy.
How to track your engagement. (and not fall for the sunken cost fallacy.)
The anatomy of customer funnels for the wedding industry.
What in the world are CRMs, and how can they help your business?
Myth busted: automation and analytics don’t make your business impersonal. 
The importance of email marketing for wedding and creative entrepreneurs.
The secret to mapping out your customer journey.
Final marketing tips from Alex.

Links Mentioned:

VSG Marketing Website
VSG Marketing Instagram
Alex Devine Instagram
Blush by Brandee Gaar

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