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Stop Selling!!

Stop Selling!!!

Who views themselves as a salesperson? I can’t see any of you right now, but I’m willing to bet no one is raising their hand.

This is the exact question Beth Chapman asks her audience when she’s giving talks about the art of selling as a wedding professional. And nearly 100% of the time, no one raises their hand! The reality is: we’re all salespeople. But we’re more than the greasy hair, sleazy car salesman we tend to imagine — we’re valuable solution finders.

Friends, I’m so excited to introduce Beth to you if you haven’t met her already. Beth is many things, but her primary passion (besides fashion) is teaching wedding professionals the art of selling seamlessly to our clients. Whether we like to admit it or not, selling as a wedding professional is a crucial step for moving our businesses forward. However, most of us struggle with this skill. Beth is on a mission to change this.

If you’re having trouble seeing yourself as a salesperson, you’ll definitely want to give this episode a listen because Beth shared so many great tidbits that will truly help you become a confident and natural seller, without being pushy or all the awkwardness. After you’re done listening to the episode and you’ve had time to soak in all the brilliant advice, screenshot this episode and tag Beth and me on Instagram with your biggest takeaway and what your next step is!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

Meet Beth Chapman!
The sudden turn of the wedding industry that made Beth and other wedding pros almost give up.
How the creation of The White Dress Society brought independent wedding store owners together for the first time.
What entrepreneurship is really like.
What pre-selling is, and the (not-so-) secret ingredients for a successful sale.
How to introduce pricing with your clients seamlessly.
Beth’s last pieces of advice for selling naturally.

Links Mentioned:

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The White Dress by the shore Instagram
Beth’s Checklist

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