Creating an Award Winning Internship |

Creating an Award Winning Internship

Creating an Award Winning Internship

Friends, today is a very special episode because we have our first returning guest on the show: Kristen Weaver! If you don’t remember, Kristen was one of our first guests on the podcast. In that conversation, she shared the inspiring story about how she created her wedding photography business, and how authenticity and creativity were the driving forces of her success. Well, let me tell ya, her creativity doesn’t stop with her immaculate photoshoots — she’s also created an award-winning internship program that is as impressive as her photos. And that’s what we’re talking about on the show today!

If you have an internship program, you’re thinking about creating one, or even if it’s never crossed your mind before, you need to give this episode a listen. Not only do we discuss the thought process that she used with creating her internship program, but also how interns can teach you, what the roles are of an intern (hint: it’s not busywork), and how the unique ways in which interns can benefit you and your business.

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

Meet Kristen Weaver!
An inside look into Kristen Weaver’s renowned internship program.
How interns can teach you, as a wedding professional.
The laws of having an unpaid intern.
The role of an intern. (Spoiler alert: It’s not always to help out in your business’s busy work.)

Links Mentioned:

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Kristen Weaver Website
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