Meet the Gaars: Road Trip Style! |

Meet the Gaars: Road Trip Style!

Meet the Gaars: Road Trip Style!

Friends, the Gaargoyles (the affectionate name we’ve given our family) are back in the studio from our 31-day road trip, and it feels so good to be back! I also convinced Ira to hang out with me in the studio today because you all had so many great questions on Instagram about how we were able to go on a month-long trip as business owners.

Ever since my girls were very young, I’ve dreamed of building a business that would allow our family the freedom to spend time with each other. And while this wasn’t quite how it turned out during the first decade of our businesses, we’ve gotten to a point where they’re self-sustaining. So I’m very excited to share what the planning process looked like and how we built our businesses to run on their own because I know it’ll help a lot of you entrepreneurs evaluate the direction your business is headed!

Listen for These Nuggets During the Show:

How Ira reacted to my proposal of traveling for a month. (Spoiler alert: There were mixed reactions.)
Why we decided to go on a month-long trip as multi-business owners.
How we planned our road trip.
The highlights of our trip. (And the lessons we learned.)
What the heck are we doing with our RV now?
How did we keep up with our businesses?

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