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“I’d Rather Have 30 Seconds of Wonderful than a Lifetime of Nothing Special” -Shelby, Steel Magnolias

If you’ve followed me for long, you know I LOVE Steel Magnolias and this quote is just too good not to share!!! 

In the movie, Shelby has been told by her doctors that if she has a baby that it will put too much strain on her diabetic body and she could die in labor.  But she wants a baby SO badly and can’t adopt because of her medical condition. So she becomes pregnant and her mom is extremely upset. She pleads with her mom to be happy for her by saying “I’d rather have 30 seconds of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.”. 

I feel like so many women can relate to this statement right??  Not just in regards to fertility and desperately wanting a baby but in life in general.  What are you passionate about?? What drives you from the core? What gives you life? What do you love to do more than anything else that you do?  What has God uniquely gifted you with that you want to share with the World? What do others need to see/hear from you today?? What are your 30 seconds of wonderful?  

I get it.  It’s incredibly scary to take an idea, a thought, a dream, a passion and try to turn it into a reality.  But what’s the alternative?? A lifetime of nothing special? God didn’t design us for mediocrity. He designed us with a unique purpose to fulfill with the time we have on this earth.  And we’re all different. Your 30 seconds may not look like my 30 seconds. That’s what makes it so fun!  

You have something that needs to be shared with the world.  Stop waiting for the right time to come along and make the time to do it now!

Here are 3 tips for getting started!

  1. Make a Plan.  Create a list of all of the things you need to do before you launch and put them in order of importance.  Things like creating a company name, getting necessary licenses or insurances, creating a logo and website, researching where/how you’ll advertise your service or product, etc…
  2. Set a Date.  Set a date for your launch and work backward.  This will help you to be less overwhelmed by the idea and be able to break down your to-dos into manageable tasks.  How do you eat an elephant??  One bite at a time! Very important:  Make sure the date is reasonable and attainable!  Take into account your current obligations. If you already have a full-time job or you’re a full-time mom, things may take a bit longer as you’ll have to work during dedicated free time.  Setting deadlines along the way will help you ensure you’re staying on schedule and you can celebrate small victories along the way!
  3. Say it Out Loud.  Tell a few family members or close friends about your idea.  Ask them to help you punch holes in your plans and to hold you accountable to your deadlines.  Having others encourage you will help you reach your goals quickly (and it’s always more fun to have a cheering section!)

What’re your 30 seconds of wonderful??  Please share it with me in the comments!  I love new business ideas and can’t wait to encourage you to go after it with all of your passion!!


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