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Welcome to my very first blog!  I’m so excited to have a place to share with you more about my story, my family and some of the day to day behind-the-scenes of our brands. 

You might be wondering….but why now?  You’ve never shared any of this before.  And you’re right! When I first launched Blush, I was a new mom.  I was learning to balance life with a toddler and the discipline of self-employment.  And I had quit my big hotel job to have a more flexible schedule with my family.  

But I never wanted to be a mom who had a business on the side.  Please do not hear me say there’s anything wrong with that at all but that was never my calling.  I LOVE to work!  I love business strategy and forecasting reports and team building and scaling….all of it makes me tick and I feel incredibly alive when I’m in “Blush mode” as my husband calls it.  I love encouraging other people to find their calling and to dive deep into making it a reality! To not be afraid of taking a risk. To set goals and set a laser-focused path to accomplish them!

In the last few years, I’ve realized how few resources there are out there for women who create and manage their own businesses AND have families.  

There are incredible blogs and podcasts and books about women who have built awe-inspiring companies. They detail their strategy and their work habits and their techniques for conquering the world but…they don’t have kids. 

And on the flip side, there are hilarious, real-truth blogs and podcasts about stay at home mom struggles, tips for handling whole days without adult communication, strategies for surviving potty training and more!  

But what about those of us in the middle??  The kick-booty businesswomen who are building empires and also building up tiny humans.   The ones who don’t really want to say out loud how fulfilling their work is because it’s not socially acceptable as a mother.  And who doesn’t want to have to say they can’t take a client meeting at 7 pm (over bedtime) because they’ll seem like they can’t hustle or aren’t as committed as the other girl.  

“But what about those of us in the middle??  The kick-booty businesswomen

who are building empires and also building up tiny humans.”

I see you.  I am you. Our journey is different.  It comes with its own blessings and struggles and I’m here to encourage you by sharing my story and the stories of others who are killing it right here in the middle with us!


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