Three Pillars You Need to Scale a Six-Figure Wedding Planning Business |

Three Pillars You Need to Scale a Six-Figure Wedding Planning Business

Three Pillars You Need to Scale a Six-Figure Wedding Planning Business

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I am very passionate about defining success on your own. 

I don’t think you necessarily need six figures to be successful. I think that success is defined by everyone in a different way. 

But I also know that there’s a lot of people out there who are trying to figure out how to take their business from barely making an income (and paying themselves) to hit that six-figure mark. 

Then the multiple six-figure marks.

So  I really sat down and I thought I want to really think about the three things that have helped me go from solopreneur to six figures with a small team to multiple six figures with a little bit of a larger team.

As you grow your business as you step into being the CEO of your business, and look to grow and scale in a new way, these will take you to the next level. 

Strategic Delegation

So often we hear delegate delegate delegate. 

And while I think delegation in itself is challenging for a lot of entrepreneurs, because we think we’re the only ones who know how to do something, right? 

No one can do as good as me. 

Or they think “I don’t have time to train someone, I don’t know where to find someone.” All of these things are excuses.

But what I want you to really think about is not just delegating but strategically delegating, 

Because for those of us that have decided to hire, so often I see entrepreneurs fall into the pit of hiring the wrong people. 

And I’ve also fallen into this pit before myself and how I’ve learned this lesson. 

So strategic delegation means really looking for someone that has qualities. Not just for what you’re looking for today, but someone who can grow with your company.

As we take on new clients, we want our companies to grow. And you really want to have somebody excited about your growth and your vision for the industry.

You never want to be the smartest person in the room. 

You never want to be the smartest person on your team. 

And as an entrepreneur, a lot of times we think, “Well, it’s my business, I’m the owner, I should be the smartest person.” But that’s actually completely false. 

I hire people onto my team that has qualities that I may be lacking. 

So while I can teach people on my team how to be a great wedding planner, I lack in other areas.

For example, I absolutely hate anything that has to do with SOP’s or writing a training manual or really any kind of CRM back end.

So when I’m looking for people to join my team, I want to look for people to join my team that loves data and procedures. 

And so then we can grow because now I can say “Oh my gosh, we need a process for this. Or I need my CRM to do X, Y, and Z” and I have somebody on my team to do that. 

So When I’m looking for somebody to join my team, I’m looking for a wedding planner that I can teach how to plan amazing weddings, but also has that drive and some other qualities.

I tend to be a big vision, big creativity, lots of ideas. But I also need somebody on my team who thinks more like,

“Okay, thank you for that great idea, Brandee, how are we going to implement it?” And so I really need people surrounding me like that. So that strategic delegation, as you’re looking for somebody to join your team, a lot of times in the very beginning. 

Your Network, Your Network Your Network

Okay, so number two, the number two pillar of growing a six-figure wedding business for me, is your network, your network, your network, your network.

It’s everything. 

The people that you surround yourself with are the people that are going to refer to you. They’re the people who are going to sing your praises when you’re not in the room. 

And you guys, can we just talk about that for a second. 

You cannot be everywhere all the time. 

And so it’s so important to have a network of people surrounding you, that love you, that know your brand, that believes in you, that believe your uniqueness, understand your amazingness and sing your praises. 

This has been something so essential and growing Blush for me because from the very beginning, I created a very strategic network around me. 

To be honest, I didn’t think about that, right from the beginning. 

I wasn’t like “I need to create this strategic network around me.” 

That’s not what I thought. 

But as it started to unfold, I realized how imperative it was to my growth. There are so many people that would refer me to their clients or refer me to a venue or speak so highly of me at a networking event that I may not be able to attend. And those relationships I started building 13 years ago, have catapulted me from a solopreneur into a business that does half a million dollars a year. 

And the reason is that they believe in what I do. They make me better. And when something goes wrong in an event, or they see something we could do better, or they see an idea that maybe someone from another area, they bring it to me.

They’re not afraid, because they know we are partners.

So as we grow our team, it’s so important to have people constantly looking out for you constantly singing your praises.

Be Amazing at One Thing

Okay, so the number three-pillar I think has been incredibly important in my business is to be amazing at one thing.

Oh my gosh, I see this so often as I’m coaching new wedding professionals, and I get it, I totally get it.

You come into the industry, you want so badly to quit your nine to five. You want so badly to make it a full-time income. 

So let’s say you get into the industry as a wedding planner. And you’ve got two or three clients, and that’s great, you feel excited.

But then the leads dry up and you’re like, “Uh oh, I’ve got to bring in more income.” 

And so then you start offering floral.

Then you start offering rentals.

Then you start offering a photo booth. 

Then you start offering managing venues.

Then you start offering, God only knows what.

And here’s the thing. 

The problem with that is people won’t understand what you’re actually excellent at.

What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? What are you amazing at? What are you spending your free time honing your skills in?

It’s so important to be laser sharp at the one thing you provide that makes you better than everyone else providing that same service. 

And if you end up providing 5,6,7 different services, you’ve got yourself stretched so thin, you’re making a tiny bit of money in each of those. 

Maybe you end up making six figures. But how much money did you put out and buying new things are learning new trades. And now you’re not even great at any of them. You’re mediocre at all of them. 


And not only that but now you’re completely overwhelmed because you’re working six different things, six different businesses, six different offerings, and you’re so fried you don’t even want to take any more clients.

I know how difficult it is to niche down but I promise when you niche down to one service, you will grow exponentially in that area because that is what you become known for. 

Scaling to Six Figures Takes Hard Work – But It’s Worth It.

All right, you guys. That’s all I have for you guys today! I love love love getting to offer my advice to you and help you scale your business in any way I can. 

Scaling to 6 figures takes hard work. But if you’re dedicated to following these three pillars – you’re bound to scale in no time. 


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