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What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like in 3 Years??

In the midst of this COVID shut down of all outside distractions, have you taken time to think about what your vision is for your life? Where do you want to be in 3 years? What will your life look like and how will you get there? If someone asked you this question today, could you articulate it clearly?

The world has come to a sudden and complete stop. Businesses aren’t operating as they once did. You as a human aren’t operating as you once did. And while the feeling of overwhelm and despair or anxiety can set in, we should be considering this time as a gift to cast a vision for where we want to be in 3, 5 and 10 years.

Did you know that only 20% of all businesses started annually make it to 3 years? And of those, only 20% will make it to 10 years? That means only 4% of all businesses will make it to 10 years+!! That is a staggering statistic.

What do you think separates the ones that make it from those that don’t? Michael Hyatt, the author of the book The Vision Driven Leader, says that those that lead with Vision rather than strategy have a higher success rate because they know their end goal and filter all strategy through that lens. This helps them to stay focused and to concentrate on projects that move the needle forward instead of getting distracted by the “squirrels” trying to steal our attention.

I encourage you to use this time we’ve been gifted to look at your business or your life and evaluate what is working and what is not. What are the areas you’ve been missing because you haven’t had the time? What goals can you set today to ensure that you are working toward the vision you’ve set to achieve?

After I gave a similar presentation back in January of this year, I had SO many questions and feedback asking for help to craft this vision so I created a Success Action Plan. It’s a 3-page worksheet that will help you craft your vision and then set short and long term actionable goals to achieve that vision. So what are you waiting for?? We’ve been given the gift of time to evaluate and goal set! Don’t waste it! Download the action plan now and get started on bringing your vision to life!


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