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You’re Being Judged

You're being judged

Do you know that 80% of what people think about you in the first 5 seconds they meet you is non-verbal??  

Meaning, that before you even say a single word, an audit of who you are has already been made by what you’re wearing, how you hold yourself, if you have a warm smile, etc…

While we know that “judgement” is a bad word, it IS how our human brains work.  Non verbal communication speaks louder than anything we will ever say and at the end of the day THEIR perception is THEIR reality and if you’re trying to get them to buy your product, you will need their reality to align with what you want to sell them!
Here are 4 things to consider to ensure what you’re <not> saying is in alignment with who you are!

  1.  Know your audience.  If you are attending a walk through at a 5-star hotel, you should probably be in a business suit or at least dress pants, top and heels.  On the flip side, if you’re meeting with a client at their barn venue, a sundress and sandals may be more appropriate.  
  2. Be a reflection of your product.  If you’re trying to sell a luxury wedding client on your double digit planning services, it may not be the best idea to show up in ripped jeans and t-shirt.  This may send a signal that you’re too busy to care about details and details will be very important in planning their big day!  Just the opposite, if you’re selling a course for busy moms of toddlers and you show up primped and primed every day with full hair and makeup, they may not feel they can relate to you and will be turned away.  Make sure to align with your product and the type of clients you want to attract.
  3. Wear a smile!  A warm smile can break the ice off of any shoulders and make your potential client feel immediately welcome and at ease.  This will make it easier to start a conversation and get them talking about how you can best serve their needs!
  4. Be confident!  I have walked into many meetings feeling nervous or inadequate. We don’t always feel like we belong in the company we keep.  But guess what??  The most successful people will tell you that you should always strive to be the dumbest person in the room!  Why?  Because if you surroud yourself with people that are smarter than you, it will encourage you to level up and grow!  But to be accepted into these spaces, you will need to be confident that you belong!  Shoulders back, stand up straight and own the room!  

What do you think??  Which one of these tips you will implement immediately to ensure your non-verbal language gives you the opportunity to own the room?


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