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An Interview with Corrine Heck

My guest today is Corrine Heck of Details Flowers Software.  I have worked with Corrine for almost 10 years and when I thought who I wanted to kick off 2020 with, I knew it had to be her!

When Corrine and I worked together, she was an event florist and I remember that she would always tell me about a system she used to design and price her proposals.  Back then it was all done in excel but over the last 5 years, Corrine has developed her system into a fully functioning floral planning and design software serving over 500 florists internationally!  

Today she shares how she recognized a pain point in her industry, created a solution and created what we know today to be one of the fastest-growing floral software brands.  

When we recorded this episode, it was exactly 1 month after Corrine had undergone major brain surgery to remove a tumor doctors had found in her head after a Summer of sporadic medical issues.  Corrine believes (and I totally agree) that she is a living miracle after this surgery and that God has given her a special task of sharing her story to encourage others.  

I hope you enjoy today’s episode as much as I do!  


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