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The Details Behind Every Last Detail

An Interview with Lauren Grove



I’m excited to chat with you today and welcome you to version 2.0 of my interview with Lauren Grove. That’s right, this is take 2!

Until this episode, we have had the pleasure of welcoming each of my guests into our home to record live which is really such a treasure since the conversation can be a bit more casual and organic in person. I was just starting to learn how to interview so this has been a huge blessing.

But most podcasts are recorded via the web and as we’ve started to expand our guest list to entrepreneurs outside of our area, we knew the time was coming that we’d need to record remotely.

Lauren graciously agreed to be our first remote recording and thankfully we told her she’d be the first before we started. We practiced, got all of the equipment and sound just right and did the interview like a champ!! It was great!! We finished and Arthur and I high fived…yes!

And then we realized the fate of all fate…we didn’t hit the record button. What the what?? Out of all of the things we needed to do, this one was the simplest! And we just missed it. I was devastated and felt sick to my stomach. How was I supposed to go back to this incredibly busy business owner who took time out of her day to tell me her story and say, just kidding, I need another hour??

So I sat on it for a day before I reacted and you know what I did?? I was honest. I told Lauren what happened, apologized profusely and asked if she would even consider recording again. And she SO graciously, “said, girl I know how tricky technology can be. I’d be happy to!”. Oh my goodness!! How kind this human is to be so gracious with our learning curve! And to all of you out there who have made a mistake that you think you just can’t bare to face….we’ve all done it! It’s how you recover from it that will see you rise or fall!!

Ok…now that I’ve barred my soul to all of you, please help me to welcome our guest this week, Lauren Grove! Lauren is the creator of Every Last Detail, an online publication to educate brides and put vendors in front of their ideal clients. Lauren saw a hole in the market when she planned her own wedding of brides simply not knowing what things should cost, how contracts worked, etc… So she determined that she would create a space to provide this education for brides and also to vet and verify the most talented vendors across the country that she could personally recommend to brides looking to create their perfect vendor team!

I can’t wait for you to hear Lauren’s startup story and what she has planned for the future of ELD!!


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  1. Baila says:

    Love that you tried a different way to record a podcast. Great job!

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