Guard Your Coffee! |

Guard Your Coffee!

Ira and I have recently jumped into an online course called Knowledge Broker Blueprint with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. It’s designed for passionate entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level and so far we’re loving it!!

And as an added bonus, we signed up through Jenna Kutcher who is such an inspiration and we get to be led through the course by her in a private FB group called the Implementation Lab…it’s such a fabulous group to be part of!!

The first module of the course is on mindset and to be honest, I’ve always felt like I had a super good grip on my mindset so I typically skip these type of lessons. But this course was expensive and Ira and I vowed to do it FULLY and be 100% involved and engaged to make the most of it so I decided NOT to skip this module and I’m so thrilled that I didn’t.

Tony was talking about being discouraged by fear and the biggest fear of all is rejection from friends, family members or colleagues. This fear can be so real because often these people closest to us are well-meaning in asking us to be cautious as we pave a new way or try something new BUT these well-meaning words can be like sledge hammers in our confidence.

I stopped dead in my tracks to take a note when he made this analogy: If you were having coffee with a friend and they said to you “Hey, I have this strychnine here and I know it’s deadly but I’m just going to put one drop in your coffee, ok??”. What would your response be? Would you let them do it anyway knowing that even this TINY drop of poison would mean certain death?

It’s the same with our mindset. If we let even tiny words of discouragement be dripped into our soul, those words WILL lead to certain death of our passions. You will begin to believe that you aren’t good enough or you don’t have enough resources, or you don’t have the time, and the list goes on….

So the moral of the story is….Guard Your Coffee! Protect your mind. Surround yourself with a tribe who will build you up, hold you accountable, and push you to exceed all of your wildest dreams!!

  1. Andie Muller says:

    Yes and yes! You are an inspiration to many. <3

  2. Lon Tosi says:

    A wonderful and meaningful bit of advise!

    I have experienced the negative words in my career from the beginning, and have learned to let them let them roll off my shoulders like a tiny rain drop. In the end, they mean absolutely nothing.

    • Brandee Gaar says:

      Yep!!! So so true Lon! This is an art that is not easy to master. But once you do it is life changing:-)

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