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Everything She Touches Turns to Gold

An Interview with Shannon Tarrant

This week I sit down with Shannon Tarrant, Co-founder of Wedding Venue Map and Creator of WedTank by Shannon Tarrant.

Shannon is incredibly driven and has always seen challenges as a way to learn and grow her knowledge. In this episode, she takes us through her journey from Catering Sales Manager at a small catering company to Director of Sales for a larger resort and now to the Co-Founder of Wedding Venue Map.

It’s through the lessons she learned in each of these roles that she has been able to become a go-to resource for the wedding industry teaching business owners how to generate more sales, maximize revenue and streamline processes.

She has big plans for WVM as they look to begin franchising this product into new markets across the country.

This episode is inspiring and exciting and I can’t wait for you to learn more about my friend, Shannon Tarrant!

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