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3 Simple Ways to Create a Meaningful (& Realistic) Morning Routine

3 ways to create a meaningful and realistic morning routine

Your morning first consists of pulling yourself out of bed and frantically fixing up your coffee. All with barely enough time to breathe before endless to-dos start flooding your mind. And before you know it – the clock is already a quarter to noon.

Why does the perfect morning routine seem too good to be true?  We tend to think a morning routine has to be this big time consuming thing so we just avoid it all together. But in reality – it can be very simple. What if you could create an easy routine that doesn’t take much time, and still sets you up for a day of success?

It will look different for everyone, but your morning routine should at least consist of these three things:

  • Supporting your headspace
  • Supporting you internally
  • Supporting your physical body

Keep reading to see the break down of each of these in a super simple way – I’m about to blow your mind:

Supporting Your Headspace: The Gratitude Journal

When’s the last time someone asked you how your day’s going? You politely say “it’s going well”  but immediately think of all the things that have gone wrong.  It’s almost like our default, right? But if you’re always focused on failure, you’re going to feel like you’re not getting anywhere. When in reality you might be actually making a TON of progress!

Gratitude journaling helps us start the day by shifting our perspective. Coming from a place of gratitude rather than stress, anxiety, or fear. If you’ve never done a gratitude journal – start small. Maybe you’re thankful for your trusty cup of coffee. Hey that’s better than nothing! There is absolutely no reason you should feel pressure to create a novel out of this. And this could take 5 or 10 minutes tops. The goal is to create positive energy and inspire you to conquer the day.

Supporting You Internally: Hydration

Here’s the truth…you need more water in your day. Shocker right? No but seriously, and I know it seems silly to focus on water. But one of the most common causes of fatigue comes from dehydration – aka lack of H2O! Something you should include in your morning routine is – you guessed it – a good old glass of water.

To all my coffee drinkers, you’re probably shrugging this one off.   I hear you and I love coffee just as much as you. But coffee is actually a natural diuretic. That’s a fancy way of saying it dehydrates you. Drinking coffee first thing in the  morning leaves you dehydrated which will burn you out quicker than you think. So start the morning with a full glass of water and then you can enjoy your tasty cup of joe. 

Supporting Your Body: Physical Movement

Don’t worry – I am not about to sit here and tell you to apply for a gym membership and do 60 minute HIIT workouts every day. I think this is where many people get it wrong. Movement should be anything that feels good for you and your body and what it needs.

There might be days where you just need to stretch. There might be days where you just need to go for a walk around the block, get some fresh air. Prioritize movement and keep it manageable between 10 maybe 15 minutes – that’s it! Either way, it gets the blood flowing and circulating to create the boost of energy you need to take on your day.

How to Keep the Energy Going All Day Long

Doesn’t sound too hard right? Three simple ways to kick-start your day in a way that’s super easy. If you already have your morning routine down, are you wondering why your energy is still drained? I’ve got you covered. Hop on over and grab this checklist to discover five sneaky things that are causing you low energy and how to fix them. You’ll be a trailblazing productivity genius conquering your day in no time!


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