Are You Showing Up? |

Are You Showing Up?

3 Ways to Grow Organic Traffic on Instagram

Engagement season is HERE. But are you ready? How are you making sure couples know you’re here, you’re open, you’re ready for business, and you’re not going anywhere? The best answer? Social Media!

In this episode, we cover the three most effective ways to show up on social media that impact your bottom line. These are the exact strategies I use for my brands to drive organic traffic to our pages each month (without a penny spent on paid ads!)

Pssst! My secret weapon behind driving literally thousands of viewers to my pages are Instagram Reels! Have no idea where to start using them in your strategy?

I’m dropping a mini course called Making a Reel Plan: A Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide for Making Reels.  

This is a no fluff, quick and simple course to show you how to use reels to grow your organic following in less than 1 hour/week so you can get back to running your business!

This course will be open from Black Friday through Cyber Monday only for $27! Grab yours here before the price goes up!

Download a full transcript of this episode here!

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